Teen Wolf Review: Skating Around the Subject

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Two of my favorite things about Teen Wolf highlighted its third installment of season two, "Ice Pick." The hour was filled with plenty of moments for Stiles to be awkward and funny, while featuring Derek's all around studliness on multiple occasions.

Three distinctive Stiles moments throughout the episode made this the funniest yet. The first was in which he attempted to bargain with Boyd on renting out the ice rink. His skills in the field were certainly lacking, but his ability to remember the "twuh" sound had me grinning ear to ear.

After finally shelling out the eventual 50 bucks it took to get the double date accomplished, Stiles was super awkward when attempting to connect with Lydia. Trying to broach the subject of opposites attracting was so over-the-top that it worked perfectly... perfectly Stiles.

Training to Hunt

Finally, as I note that Dylan O'Brien's timing was once again at 100% this week, there was the old straight-guy-acting-gay stunt that had me in stitches near the end of the hour. Stiles telling Scott that he was attracted to his new-found heroism, and that he wanted to make out for a sec, was absolutely hilarious.

For as funny as Stiles is, Derek matches him with swag. I think we can all agree that making him the new Alpha was the best decision Teen Wolf has made yet, as it only increases his appeal exponentially. Derek continued to create his pack, adding the former epileptic Erica to his crew early on in the hour.

He courted her with promises, but even if Derek wasn't telling me that all of my problems would go away, and that everything else would also get better, I still would have said yes to whatever he proposed. He's just THAT dreamy.

Between that, the grin he shot at Scott and Stiles when the new-look Erica got into his car, and his sarcastic interruption of Scott telling Boyd that he can do much better than him, Derek was on fire this week. I mean, how good was his, "That really hurts, Scott?"

On top of all of that, we then got to watch him exude his dominance over Scott by taking him out at the ice rink. I'm not sure which was hotter, the fact that he destroyed Scotty, or the neck crack he does just before wolfing out.

Meanwhile, a ton of other action was going on in Beacon Hills. What we can only imagine is a were-lizard is still roaming around, Scott could feel Erica's epileptic episode, Lydia had a strange vision of a dude being trapped under the ice, and Jax has super strength.

Oh, and Allison is also being trained by her father to be a hunter leader. I love that fact that in their groups the women have most of the power.  That will make Allison's role that much more important, which is integral to the series. If she became just the girlfriend, it wouldn't be nearly as interesting.

Her rise to power within her family could prove to bring a lot of conflict down the road, which is something we all should look forward to. For now, let's continue to enjoy the ride, which was once again pretty fun.

What did you all think of "Ice Pick?" Was it the funniest yet? Did you enjoy yourself some Derek? How about the additions of Erica and Boyd? And when our we going to find out more about this lizard?!?!


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I loooove Stiles! haha! Aside from the scenes you mentioned, I also loved his scene with Erica. :) I think I wanna see more of Erica flirting with Stiles and Lydia possibly getting jealous lol. Can't they change the way the characters look when they turn into werewolves? They totally look like they're wearing halloween masks.


I think the lizard creature has something to do with Allison's grandfather. they made a point of showing him take a bunch of pills in episode 2 (i think) maybe those pills are to help him change or to keep him from changing? i don't know, just musing.


To bad vampire diaries bitched out and made there werewolves cute furry wolfs.I love this type of werewolf alot more #VintagelonchaneyJr.


Could Jackson be the son of the first Alpha (Derek's uncle)? If he's a natural-born werewolf, that might explain why his body rejected Derek's bite. It would also explain why the "uncle Alpha" didn't bite him or kill him in the video store last season. If so, then Jackson could be serious competition for Derek. Derek looked freaked out and said he didn't know why his bite was rejected, but what if he lied? I wonder if the scratch Derek gave Scott was his way of putting dibs on him - a mark that another Alpha would have to respect? He was obviously proud of the way Scott fought the others and he'd probably like to have Scott as his beta. Hmm. . . anybody agree or disagree?


so am I the only person in the world who thinks the lizard thing has something to do with Peter Hale? the great hair, lydia's hallucinations and the fact that he was gazing longingly at Peter Hale's trophy in the trophy case...


@bitchstolemyremote Scott struggled in Season 1 because he didn't want to be a werewolf. He never wanted a bite, he never wanted any of it. That's why he wanted to find a cure for it. The other three chose to take the bite and embraced the werewolf in them and therefore had little to struggle with. But as we know already, during the full moon Isaac didn't have complete control in that he had the urge to kill and as a human being he isn't really a killer as he was frightened when his father was killed.


I didn't actually think that it was that funny personally. This felt quite a bit weaker than last week as it basically just fills the holes in Derek's ranks and provides random opportunities to tart up Erica. I do like that the battle lines between the wolves and the Argents is firming up, but the timeline between events is getting confused (Scott struggled all season with wolfing out, whereas Isaac, Erica and Boyd seem adept after less than 24 hours) Our take: http://wp.me/p1VQBq-11K


Mama Argent i presume does not feel, or feels very little, pain. No reaction when she cut herself and saying she doesnt need painkillers (think she said summat like that). Is this part of the training Allison is undergoing? Wonder what else the training involves. In future i can see Allison and Scott breaking up and then Allison starts hunting him. Would be great to see the family side of her kicking in.


So, I give it three more episodes before Alison's father is firmly on the good guys (meaning Derek, Scott, Alison, Stiles etc) basically because of his moral disagreement with what his father is doing and the fact that he has to discover sooner rather than later that is wife is a psychopath. I hope Alison managed to put that together while working through the ropes. I don't really see he and Scott's relationship getting a lot better, but that is more because those scenes are kind of funny.


i 2 want Scott 2b part of the pack, and I think he actually already is and Derek is trying 2 just get Scott 2 acknowledge it on his own, but I think 1 goal this season is to point out the different roles in a wolf pack and Derek got confirmation that Scott is the next in the pecking order & something I think Derek is going to have to deal with is that while Derek is protective and big brotherly, it is mainly over his own. Scott is experiencing the protective instinct on a more wide scale (his new found hero complex). What the pack will have to acknowledge (or learn) is unlike them, and Derek doesn't count since he was born, had a choice whereas Scott did not. I am not sure exactly what Boyd meant, that he wanted 2b like Scott as in the werewolf, the werewolf who is strong enough to take down the pack and at least stand and face down the alpha, the guy who is now a star athlete who, I assume only Scott and Alison think there relationship is a secret, has a girlfriend and a totally loyal best friend? Or did what he saying I want 2b on your side. I really don't know what Lydia did 2 Jackson after she was bitten that he might think she was responsible for him not turning. I am wondering if we might be introducing a different type of supernatural creature we haven't dealt with a lot, a dhampir (half human/half vampire, you know, like Blade). I still feel so bad for Lydia, I am wondering if she is some sort of supernatural being that had to be awaken, I don't know, a medium or something or maybe some type of fae. I know there is not a new episode until the 25th, but it sounds like Derek tries to make use of Scott's protective instinct and to protect Lydia because he thinks she is the shapeshifter (I assume there is some sort of peace talks between Derek and Scott between now and then because how else would Derek know, unless we have some fun Stiles/Derek scenes).

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