The Big C Review: A Total Killjoy

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The Big C is sort of a big mess these days, isn't it?

Season three has been lacking continuity - or sense, in many cases - and that was never more evident than the episode "Killjoy."

Cathy vs. Joy

Let's start with the idea that a man and woman would fake a pregnancy in order to score some cash. Really? Is this seriously the best get-rich-quick scheme a couple can come up with? It assumes an awful lot, namely that they will be showered with gifts from the hopeful family waiting for their baby.

Yes, that happened to take place on the show - in the form of $10,000 and a sports car - but how often does that go down in real life? Typically, an adoption is pretty simple: You give birth. You get money. So... lacking a child, a couple can't really count on a big pay day. Seems like a pretty big stretch to imagine two people going through with this deception.

Moreover: did Cathy and Paul never ask for any medical tests?

And, finally: That was Cathy's punishment for having her hopes and dreams dashed? And her 10 grand taken? Go run around in your underwear! I'd have filed a lawsuit.

So that odd storyline came and went, and it was followed by another random act. RIP, Joy. If the show was going for shock value, it certainly accomplished it with that conclusion.

I'm interested to see what happens next, but I'm also disappointed with what feels like an overall lack of direction this season. I'm a bit fan of flow on a series and I haven't been feeling any in awhile here.

Andrea comes back from Africa and embraces her roots... and then becomes Paul's manager. Paul builds a speaking career... and flirts with his mentor. Adam gets into religion... and also anal sex. Sean embraces life as a member of a thruple... and then gets dumped. Cathy fakes an identity at a bar... hopes to adopt... and then accidentally kills a motivational speaker.

Just a lot going on and most of it stretching the bounds of reality, as I wrote about following the last Big C episode. There was a time when this show was about a woman battling cancer and her family's reaction to that very real, very dramatic scenario. I'm glad Cathy is feeling better and all, but I wish the series wouldn't go off in so many ludicrious directions as a result.

What did everyone else think? Are you intrigued by Joy's death? Do you with this season was more grounded in reality? Or are you enjoying just being along for the ride?


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I loved the first two seasons of this show, but am very disappointed with the third.
I agree that United States of Tara should have continued.
I hope that The Big C guys can pull it together and bring the show to the greatness that they started with.


I loved season one and season two was okay as well, great cliff hanger at the end. This season is nothing but bizzarro. Let's get back to Cathy's novel way of dealing with her dreaded disease and get away from the shock and awe. Sean carries the show now, Paul has been reduced to a goofball cartoon of his former self and Cathy is more nuts than her nutty brother. Take the show back to its roots with fragile people dealing with difficult choices.


I actually feel that this show has improved since last years awful season, so much death last year.


Not enjoying it at all. FForwarding most episodes.


Makes me feel they should have kept United States of Tara and dumped this.


Agree completely. Preposterous plotlines this season, completely getting away from any sense of reality.


Such a shame to see this show just messing around. I really liked season 1 and loved season 2 but this one just feels random with a bunch of weird plot lines that seemingly come out of nowhere. I really hope they find a way to work it all out in the next 2 episodes since it looks like this won't get a 4th season and it would be a shame if the last couple of episodes were this awful.

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