The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Just Married?

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Back to school and back to reality! In "I Do and I Don't" Amy and Ricky returned from their honeymoon and geared up for the new year.

Overwhelmed with all the celebrations people were lavishing them with, Amy and Ricky's guilt led to one of the biggest reveals on The Secret Life of the American Teenager...

Amy Starts Senior Year

... Amy and Ricky never really got hitched after all! Well, I am disappointed! How about you guys? Did anyone else suspect it? Sure, they were shy about celebrating and accepting gifts, but they were overwhelmed with all the attention to begin with.

Speaking of overwhelmed, that flash mob was interesting. Madison and Lauren popped up like extras from Dreamgirls and performed Bruno Mars' "Marry You." I happen to love this song and thought it was really cute when it was used for the Amy and Ricky montage two weeks ago. However, I'm still up in the air with how I felt about the flash mob and the "Rick on a stick" bit.

A flashmob has to be executed perfectly to work; hit YouTube for Modern Family's version.

Maybe it's because I'm not the biggest Madison and Lauren fans, but that whole scene at school was weird. Grace, with her bible gift, and Dylan, with her huge cake. No teenage girl would ever eat that much cake in a day and not freak out, but then again Amy isn't your typical teenage girl. The most interesting part about the return to school, in my opinion, was the meltdown of Ben.

Ben is on a rough road and I don't see it getting better any time soon. However, he is finally confronting his regrets and anger and that has to be healthier than keeping it inside. Except perhaps he can talk to a therapist, or lash out at the gym, instead of calling the new teacher a pervert for dating his ex-wife. I know it's protocol for Omar to report Ben, but I thought it was ridiculous. Also when did Omar decide he wanted Adrian back? I must've missed a step.

Yes, Ben should not have said that, but why do the authorities need to be dragged into it? I think it was enough to go to a school authority figure and perhaps Ben could've gotten detention. But the police? C'mon nothing even happened. Yes, Ben needs to be taught a lesson, but he is completely breaking down. I'm not even sure I believe he is really in love with Amy, but I think he was happy when he was with her and he misses that time in his life.

Amy has bigger problems right now than her ex-boyfriend's meltdown. Everyone she loves thinks she and Ricky are married. She and John are on Ricky's insurance, Ricky's mother gave him family heirlooms, Leo handed him a ton of cash and offered him a job. How can these two go on lying? The should just go to courthouse and sign the papers. They want to be together, but they are letting too many people butt in on their relationship. 

What did you all think of this week's episode? Did you enjoy the flashmob? Is Jack the new Tebow? Did you get emotional from Anne talking to Mimsy? Hit the comments! 


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I have questions as to whether Ben and Amy were actually in love. He told her he loved her on their first date! But if they did love each other I think that it is puppy love. Ricky and Amy have a love that comes with maturity and experience. It is not like Ricky is with her just because she had a baby either because you see in the first season after everything went down that he went to hit on Amy and she shrugged him off...probably because if the pregnancy. Ricky and Amy are an example if how true love is sacrificial and takes lots and lots if work and I'm sorry they belong together...Ben to move on and grow up... He has a lot of maturing to do and I don't think he would be the best father role model for John... He doesn't even do his own kaundry


Dis sho is really great,an its so ful of life except dat its takin time I would like amy and ricky 2 get married @ an elaborate weddin wit cake,roses,and amy matchin down the isle OMG,its gonna be so gud


Ricky and Adrian belong together. they have been through so much in the first 3 seasons and then he pushed her away because if he was friends with her. he couldnt he would always want more. so to be with amy he pushed adrian away. and Amy should just get back together ben thats that.


i think ben and amy should end up together..c'mon ben endure all the hard things to help amy get through her first pregnancy and just after that ricky woke up and realized that he wants to be with amy and never been for her until john was born. And besides the show was all about ben and amy...i hope brenda will not end this show just like the last american virgin...because it will definitely sucks and i already stop watching since amy and ricky were together...unless the twist is ben ends up with thats a big twist....what do you think?


i dont like ricky and amy together.and i even heared dat no one can forget their first love .and everyone and that they could get back together.which happen some how like that with grace and jack,george and kathy.and why wont it happen with amy and ben.if happen this show will be very interesting.


Uggghhh... they had better keep Ricky and Amy together or I will definitely stop watching. The marriage that never happened line is exhausting and really just silly. The whole thing that supposedly happened at the chapel was ridiculous. Marry them already and be done with it. Let them be faithful to each other. Let the drama come from the other characters. Some people do lead normal lives! Choose other ways to make their lives dramatic. This show needs a solid couple. Even the parents marry and divorce at the speed of light!


i think Ben and Amy should end up together


i think that they just might because that is ricky secertly first love and he will give up that easy i know that plus they arr going to have another baby and then puts them in deeper bound that the would ever have and he really loves her but who knows i think adiran should stay with omar because he is good for her i know that she is in love with him ben needs to grow up and get with real woman. grace needs to get back togather they are good for each other . ashely ran off to iatly to gpo to collage


I think I'm done watching this show. Everytime I watch it I hope it gets better but it doesn't. The characters are just so scripted. I'm not an actress and I could do a better job. The writer of the show has a good plot line but fails horribly when it comes to a script. How they talk is not how people in real life are. They take one topic and blow it way out of proportion. Like anne being gay for instance. Yes I realise its shocking to people but the whole school making a rumor about amy being gay cause her mom is? I mean come on! That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! And how many times did they say gay in this episode? At least every other fricken word right? This show just keeps going more and more downhill. Which makes sense, everything brenda hampton has made has been absolutely stupid. But that's just my opinion(:


LOL @ the part with Omar. I couldn't stop laughing. If someone said that to a teacher at my very strict school, they would get detentions for x amount of time, or suspension worst case scenario. That scene was absolutely RIDICULOUS. You don't not get the authorities involved in a teenager calling a teacher a perv! NOTHING illegal was said, no accusations were made either! Ben didn't say, "I saw you staring at young girls, you pedophile". That's an accusation, calling someone a pervert is name calling and disrespectful but Omar is beyond delusional to think the cops would waste their time with that. Oh unrealistic show. Only realistic character to me right now is Ben. I know he's rich, got married and had baby that passed away before senior year, but I actually see a confused teenager wanting things to be new and better, but also how they used to be. I didn't even watch the last 20 minutes of the epi. probably should.


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He's kind of having an anxiety attack.

Dylan [about Ben]