Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Sounding Better Than Lies

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Last week's episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager brought us an epic moment several seasons in the making: Amy and Ricky eloped!

On "Shotgun," meanwhile, they prepare to head home and face everyone's reactions, most of all the three mothers. 

Ricky & Amy Have News To Share

The above photo is of Amy trying to delay the inevitable end of their honeymoon night and I don't blame her! She pointed out to Ricky that they've always had people in their business and influencing their decisions and I agree. I know that George was somewhat a part of this choice, but ultimately it was up to Amy and Ricky to decide whether or not they were going to tie the knot. George just offered his support.

Granted, I don't have any of my own children, but I can understand that the three mothers would want to be there for the wedding. At the same time, there is so much emphasis on the wedding and that's really just not the most important part. I like how George was supportive about them eloping, but he really just wanted Ricky to "make an honest woman" out of Amy. A marriage certificate is not a magic potion to secure future happiness.

There is a big difference between what people say on this show and how they act. Actions always speak louder than words.

Suddenly Grace is turning to religion again because she is trying to repent for what she feels are sins and to be a better person. How is dumping your best friend who loves and cares for you making you a better person? She's hurting her loved ones and, sadly, it's just a band aid. She is still going to gossip and be who she is and it's only a matter of time before she sleeps with Jack or some other guy again.

I felt bad for him before. But when I realized that Jack knew he was getting played by Dylan's friend and went along with it just to get laid I stopped giving a crap. He is trading gossip for sex! Blame teenage hormones if you want, but Jack is so whipped! It doesn't matter who the girl is, he totally has no backbone.

Dylan and her friends are pretty manipulative and I'm glad that Leo can see that. Was Dylan's dad kidding trying to talk to Leo like that? News flash, this is Bobby Bacala, you don't try and pull a fast one on the guy who was in one of the most famous crime families on all of television. Dylan's parents are the only people who annoy me more than she does.

Just look how Ben is reacting from all the stress! He fainted and went to the hospital! I have it on pretty good authority that all Ben experienced was a really bad panic attack, but that's not to say that it's not very scary and very real. Ben needs to come clean and just be honest with himself before he makes himself sick with stress. 

It's interesting that the person who seems the most mature and calm out of all these teenagers is the one who is painstakingly honest, Ashley. You all know that most of the time I don't even like Ashley, but she seems to be pretty happy with her boyfriend, she's graduating early and now she has acceptance to a school in Italy! 

What did you all think of this week's episode? Hit the comments!


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You people are all incredibly dellusional. If you watch this so called television show, my only question to you is WHY!!!!! And do you actually enjoy watching it? Lol my god people, this television show is by far the worst thing to hit the small screen since it was invented. There is not one single thing about the show that is in anyway an accurate portrayal of reality as we know it. Sure teenage girls get pregnant all the time in high schools across the country, but do any of them live, talk, act or relate to these morons in any way, shape or form? The answer is no. Those of you that watch this disgusting excuse for television need to realize something, there is something seriously wrong with you mentally, please understand that. No sentient, half-intelligent human being could actually watch this show and call it entertaining. Unless of course the entertainment you gain from watching it derives from the shows complete rediculousness, in which case I would agree with you. If you find yourself sitting at home enjoying secret life of the american teenager then please, do the rest of humanity a favor, look in the mirror and ask yourself "what the fuck is wrong with me?" then slap yourself in the face and never watch this show again because if there are no dull-witted, short minded, downright moronic americans to watch the show then it would no longer be on tv! Stop being a part of the problem and start being a part of the solution.


I don't think they actually got married. I think they're following in the footsteps of George and Anne, and only lied because everyone was so excited. I hate this show with every fiber of my being but just cannot stop watching. No real life family is this messed up, and no one is as nosey as the characters on this show. This could have been an awesome show if the characters weren't all immature idiots.


Ben fainting at the news that Ricky and Amy eloped is a sign of distress over losing Amy forever or stress for having stuck with a psycho girlfriend named Dylan. I think it's in her genes (as evidenced by her Dad & Mom). On another note, Ashley, as a sister who always covets Amy's life & love, is not only a b..... now but a brat to the max. Anyway, Grace, using her religion to fix whatever is wrong with her is not going to cut it.Ditto with jack, anything to get laid no matter the consequences... I am wondering what would Adrian do
next. I am kind of disappointed because I was hoping Amy and Ben will get together and Adrian & Ricky will do the same. I hope you have better scriot next episodes. It's getting lame.


Ok this show needs to get off the air..
I love the cast but its point less at this point. I understood the first 3 season but now? Really guys? U keep going in circles.. its time to say bye... good show at first now pretty lilttle liars took over just as the lying game will take over sooner or later..


LOL @ Anne. "It's all about me, they eloped because of me, me, me, me, me, I'm gay, I have a storyline, me, me, me"
Honestly. What happened in this episode? Family found out about Ramy. Ben faints." Really, NOTHING else happened. That could have taken two minutes. I promised I wouldn't watch this show again, but I gave it a second chance because I figured new season, new start. But I discovered I still hate each and every character. Grace becoming "Catholic" again? If that's what she is? Don't care. Ashley had sex with her friend? Don't care either... Ben goes to see ex- FIL... don't give a rat's bottom. George was tolerable for once. Color me surprised. Yet his monologue bored me to no end.


Same sex Marriage and adoption is sin just like Sodom and Gommorrah, America will be judged.


I was a teenage mom, at the ripe old age of 16. I graduated high school 4 months after my daughter was born. I didn't boyfriend hop because I didn't want to expose my child to men that would not be in her life for the long haul.
I got married at 19 while still attending college. I watch the show and peter between the characters I like. Some young men are as mature as Ricky and some young girls are spoiled and immature. I hope this young couple can make it together but even if they don't they should remain amiable for the sake of their child.


this show got too stupid and unrealistic for me. ricky is too mature for his age and amy is a whiny brat. grace is so hung up on having sex with every man she thinks she will marry and adrian is not going to be ready for a commitment for a long time. jack's character is ridiculous he has absolutely no point being there. ashley is so boring for me her tone is just one monotonous wreck.


This show as usual is so foreign to me. It's the equivalent to me of watching Martians playing baseball. Starting off with Rickey, this guy is so lame. There is no way anyone his age could be that mature. Then there’s the crazy blond (Grace). How stupid can you be?? Her mother should sign her up for a psychological ASAP. Then there’s my boy, Ben. One of the guys I love the most on the show. I like the guy because sometimes have everything can be just as bad as having nothing. Ben could be a spoil brat but yet he “tries� to do the right thing. His only problem is he’s a sucker for love and picking the wrong girl. Probably because he lost his mother at such a young ate. I hope he has the conversation with his dad and just own up to his mistake. BTW, the parents on this show are so NOSEY. No one can have a conversation without checking to make sure someone isn’t outside of the door. Anyway, this show to me is like a train wreck and I can’t turn away from it.


I was mad at this episode because it really seemed like people don't want Amy and Ricky to be happy together. It's like how can you expect their relationship to ever work if no one is supporting them or rooting for them? Like for those moms to be planting the idea in Ricky's head that the wedding was Amy's idea and so therefore less legitimate was wrong of them to do. And for Ashley and Anne to say that they don't want Amy to be married in high school is also wrong. She has a baby and she loves the father of her baby. If you watch you can see that Ricky and Amy are perfectly happy when no one else is around but then as soon as their dumb parents get involved they start fighting. Just leave them alone and their relationship will work.

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