The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: The Truth About Anne

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After last week's epic disaster of an episode, The Secret Life of the American Teenager could've aired a one hour rotation of the TV Guide and I would've liked it. Luckily "Love Is Love" was a fairly large improvement.

I mentioned in my last review, that not even the reappearance of Anne could save the show, but it turns out that I spoke too soon. We just needed to spend a little more time catching up with Molly Ringwald's character to remember why we all love her so much!

Anne Has News

Anne Juergens completely made this hour! It turns out that George admittedly made up the Anne-is-gay rumor in order to feel less guilty about wanting Kathleen back. However, George must've felt some sort of vibe because it turns out he was actually right! Hey, they were together for probably about 20 years, they do know each other really well.

George and Anne's conversation toward the end of the episode was really very touching. It feels like the first time in this show, and probably one of the first times in their marriage, where they were just really honest with each other. George may have never stopped loving Kathleen and Anne always felt like something was missing. I'm sure it wasn't easy for her to figure this out, it took her a long time, and I'm really glad that Amy apologized for how immaturely she acted about it.

Speaking of immature, Ashley mocking the whole "it gets better" campaign made me want to punch her in the face more than I usually do. She knows her sister isn't gay and just like Adrian's mom said to Adrian, playing a joke for attention is offensive to the people that are truly affected by it. Grace and Adrian kissing for attention isn't very amusing to people in the LGBTQ community who are trying to really figure out what they feel. I think there was a genuine curiosity with Grace, but with Adrian she can become so wrapped up in jealousy and pettiness. 

Jack is so obsessed with Grace and I still don't get it. I also really don't get George's obsession with Kathleen. This is a woman who actually told her daughter; if you want to blame anyone for being gay, please blame your father because he betrayed you. What Grace's dad did sucked, but Grace's sexuality and her father's infidelity are not related. If Grace is gay, she's gay. Also if she is a lesbian, there's no certain way to dress. I mean, seriously...

If it weren't for the genuine moments with Anne, George, Nora and Adrian's mother this week, I would've given this episode another low ranking. Fortunately they were able to restore a tiny bit of faith that the writers of this show haven't completely lost their minds. 

On that note, what did everyone else think of this week's episode? Was it a significant improvement over last week's? Does Ben need to learn to keep it in his pants? Will Amy and Ricky really elope? Hit the comments! 


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Ugh! I hate how every rumor in this show becomes true, it's like as soon as someone says something it has to be true. I'm not against gays, but the whole Anne being gay thing was just a desperate attempt at giving Anne an actual storyline


I used to love to sit with my daughter and watch the show, it was a weekly thing for us. But after the last few episodes we are done. I don't judge people but I am tired lately of having everything about gays being on all the TV shows. I do not believe in gays and tired of people stating we are idiots if we are against. They say we take away there rights how about our rights to believe against it. Most of the people do not live in Hollywood and ha different beliefs. God is real, I have been asked what if he is not. I say that I have lost nothing but lived as a good person with great values and was a great citizen and mom. But I say to you what if he is real and you have to face him. You choose who and when you love. It is a choice not a feeling, other then that it is lust.


it all got worst wen they introduced gay into it-tsuipp.. how did grace go 4rm a well cultured christian girl wit sain morals to a vry sexually active gurl who loves sex so much she cheats on her bf, n now she is gay?? wtf!! wat am i supos 2 learn 4rm al dis??
N moreso i dnt want Amy n Ricky 2 get married- its way to obvious n she's way tuu irksome wit al dt drama goin on.. their perfect life is becomin real boring n disis nt d 'secret perfect life of Amy juergens'.. pls !!


I have not seen this episode and don't plan on it. After last week's episode, there is no way I will ever continue to watch. It was beyond offensive and there was not one person on the show to tell viewers that being gay isn't genetic! This show is beyond stupid. I will not give it a second chance by watching this episode, even if it is better which I doubt. I am officially done with TSLOTAT!


I've given up on this series, attracted to it by the possibility it might resemble something like reality and so inform this viewer, who has a lot of experience in being an adult. Since the beginning the characters are simply pawns in the hands of writers. Teens and adults switch maturity levels at seeming random. For the most part, adults and adolescents alike, are bewilderingly stupid and completely unattractive as people. George would be a delightful comic character to flavor a bedroom farce, but this series is supposed to reflect the r-e-a-l if secret life of an entire generation. If it does, WOE IS IS.


@ThatDude i had the same exact thought.


that would be the worst/funniest thing ever because the show is so odd, if alice got pregnant


This show has gotten so bad. Every week, about 20 minutes in, I ask myself "Why am I still watching this? Yet I wind up finishing every episode. I mean seriously, how many time did they say gay this episode?

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