The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest: Special POTUS Edition!

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A very special Vampire Diaries Caption Contest yielded a number of hilarious responses.

How could it not, considering readers had a meeting between Ian Somerhalder and President Barack Obama to comment on?!?

We sorted through the entries, enjoy many hearty laughs and finally selected "Cassandra" as this week's winner due the caption posted underneath the following photo. Forget Delena. What about Dobama!

Thanks to all for playing and remember to do so every week!

Ian Tweet

Obama: Now that I have legalized gay marriage... Are you free for dinner?


Damon: Mr. President- your jugular smells absolutely delicious today.


So, you were casted for Bonnie's father.I preffered Will Smith.


Obama :- Let Elena be with Stefan. Damon :- Dude! Seriously Dude! Visit Vampire Diaries fan blog - http://www.vampirediariesblog....


No, President Obama I can not turn you even if you clean up all the beaches in the USA. I'm an actor.....


Obama: To me it seems that African Americans lack adequate representation in the vampire world. There are just too few of them!
Damon: You’re right, sir. I will get straight to it. -bares fangs-


Mr President: We could use That Speed Vamp Kill ability of your's in our services Mr Salvatore.
Damon: Well,... Stefan has it too!


Obama:Omg I am so totally team Delena!!!
Ian:*smerk* Finally somebody sees the light.


President Obama: No offense. Stelena all the way.
Damon: Why does it always have to be Stefan!


Obama: hello Damon
Damon: hello mr. Obama
Obama: i've brought u here for a reason
Damon: what do u need sir?
Obama: * girly voice* can I have ur autograph?
Damon: of course


Obama: So can this compulsion thing work through the tv?
Damon: Uhh maybe...
Obama: Make everyone vote for me.

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