Camilla Luddington Checks in to Seattle Grace

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Camilla Luddington is moving from the palace to the hospital.

The British actress - who appeared on True Blood as Claudette, but is best known for portraying Kate Middleton in a Lifetime biopic - has been cast on Grey's Anatomy Season 9.

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Luddington will come on board as a Seattle Grace doctor, Deadline confirms, appearing on multiple fall episodes with the potential to grow into a series regular.

Earlier this week, former Friday Night Lights star Gaius Charles also joined the Grey's Anatomy cast in the role of a new physician.

We'll add character details for each as more news breaks, but for now just let us know: Are you excited about these additions?

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Did or did not Eric Dane want to leave the show? I keep hearing he was cut because of the budget. If they cut him so they could get a new gaggle of interns, especially such a weak looking group, I am not happy. If Camilla Luddington is supposed to be on par with Meredith Grey from season 1 she is failing in every respect. Ellen Pompeo can actually act, looks like all Camilla has mastered is looking pretty on screen. Does anybody remember what the old GA looked like? Characters actually looked like they worked in a hospital. There was no lipstick, eyeliner, and fresh-from-the-salon hair. Miranda slept on a gurney in the hall. Seems like with every season we just get more and more vapid eye candy on this show. And I realize this post is from July. I don't care. I just finished watching the premier.


For this of you who didn't watch FNL and haven't ever watched Gaius Charles, trust me when I say he is an incredible addition to the cast. A truly great actor and I cannot wait to see him in the show along with Camilla, fabulous additions to the show, somehow Shonda Rhimes keeps me invested in this show despite killing my two favorite characters, Mark and Lexie :(


I kinda figured that mark(Eric Dane) was going to leave he's a great actor. Best of luck. As for Lexie, sad to see her go. I'm sure that Sara Ramirez (Callie) being he great actress she is will win an award for the way she act on lexie and marks death. She has already had so much heatache with george (T.R. Knight) then the accident, it would be too much to kill off Arizona too.


I feel like they should have gotten rid of Arazona...IDK, but she annoys me


I'm excited for Camilla Luddington!!!!!!
IDK about the other guy...


I guess we neeed a new batch of interns/residents. But we've had annoucements about reoccuring characters, who's agents get busy talking up their clients appearing in GA.
But Shonda is building for her future S16 by introducing younger characters


This is not grey's anymore.....she's cute but whithout Lexie and probably without Mark it;s all new....and i liked it as it was before!It's bb grey;s for me....


Keep her, get rid of April!! :-)


I personally don't think they need any new characters. There is already enough story lines and I love the characters they already have. But if the characters are good then I guess I won't mind.


I really hope she'd become a series regular. She looks so pretty and likable. Curious, what's her specialty? I think she'd make a great pediatrics surgeon, while Arizona is away because of her injuries from the plane crash.

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