Drop Dead Diva Review: Love Interrupted

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Can Jane and Grayson ever catch a break? "Road Trip" ended up being just another road block on the path for these star-crossed lovers. You'd think being away together at Stanford, under that full moon, would've set hormones raging, but nope.

Another Drop Dead Diva episode and another fake-out.

Kim & Teri Strategize

I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the episode; I still did. I'm just getting a little fed up being strung along with this Grayson and Jane love story. Especially when Lifetime teased us and alluded to a possible Grayson/Jane hook up.

Does Luke really need to butt in everytime? For lack of a better phrase, that dude is such a c*ck block! Jane and Grayson are constantly being interrupted by third parties, but only Luke is actively trying to keep them apart. I know it's supposedly for the best, but I'm still not really buying it. I need to hear a reason from Luke. I think Grayson cares for Jane as Jane and not just the Deb/Jane hybrid.

Stacy may have told Grayson that Jane was Deb, but who is to say Grayson would automatically believe it and fall in love with her just because of what Stacy said? I know a lot of people may disagree, but sometimes you need a kick in the ass to see something that was sitting right in front of you.

Grayson cares about her and he stopped with his whole reincarnation theory after Jane failed to cry (openly) when he had the piano player play the song from Ghost. And guess what? He still has feelings for her.

When the show returns in two weeks, it looks like we'll finally get some answers pertaining to Owen's disappearance. We're also in for a major Harrison Parker battle with the FBI. I knew Gina (guest star Machen Amick) seemed shady! Everyone should really listen to Terri more often. So not only is Gina a bitch, but she's probably aiding and abetting a criminal. I'm glad Kim teamed up with Terri and then let Parker in on what was happening. The better informed everyone at the office is, the better shot they have at fighting these charges and clearing their names.

What did everyone else think of this week's episode? Did Luke win some major points by helping out Stacy? What'd you think about seeing Jane go up against her former professor? You just know that with Stacy's recent success, Kim Kardashian's character is going to somehow end up back on the show. My guess is that she'll want to claim some part of the business and will sue that it was her idea. Thoughts?

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I really enjoyed this episode, but I can understand the frustration of the Jane/Grayson shippers when things like the Stanford Full Moon kiss night come by and they still don't get to kiss, for heavens sake! Though I truly hope things will work out with Owen, especially if he explains why he left and lied to Jane, I don't think it is fair to fans to keep teasing that Grayson will spill his feelings for Jane and then have them be interrupted over and over, especially by Luke, who is supposed to be watching out for Jane. So far he's come off as a real tool of an angel, not at all like Fred, who had an innocence and was fun and plausible as an angel. And I agree that people should listen to Terry! She knows ALL!


Love sunday's episode of DDD man was I anticipating for thst kiss. Love the speech Luke gave abouit Stacy, and the end scene, this should have been a two Hours special. My heart was racing all the way. WILL THIS BE THE FINAL SEASON OF DDD? I HOPE NOT!


Most shows will be on haitus the next two weeks because of the Olympics (not a big summer Olympic fan like the winter much more)


Fred were better. Nuff said.


Does anyone else think that Luke is in love with Jane? He seems torn and jealous about Grayson. Idk it seems odd but I was just thinking.


Why the DDD won't be aired next week? Why do we have to wait 2 weeks for the next episode?


The Grayson Jane hook up has taken entirely too long. I am not feeling Luke at all and hoping he exits stage left. It feels as though Luke sets things up on purpose but the things he really should clue Jane in on he doesn't. Loved the squaring off with the professor and building confidence in the student counsel.