Eureka Review: Dust in the Wind

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In never fails: you bring your dead girlfriend back to life by building her a new body and downloading her memories left in a matrix program and she goes evil on you and begins to replace your friends with evil copies.

Carter Searches For a Saboteur

"Mirror, Mirror" was originally written to be the set-up and intro for the original finale of Eureka Season Five.

While the fates have been cruel and we won't get another season of this great show, we can all be thankful that Jamie Paglia and his team were given an extra episode this season to wrap things up. Which means we have two more episodes to go!

I hope it also means we won’t be left wondering who’s home upstairs inside Holly head because it certainly isn't the lovable geeky girl Fargo fell in love with. 

My guess is Senator Wyn. We know she got put into a Matrix world somewhere by Beverly Barlow; it stands to reason she might have piggy-backed into GD along with Holly when they downloaded her. Hell, maybe she was there the whole time, we have no idea where Beverly stashed her (or her body).

Has anyone kept count of how many times Andy has gone “evil” this season? Kavan Smith must have had a ball being able to play both a good version and repeated bad version of Andy. While Smith may technically be the second actor to play Andy, he has done an amazing job and I wouldn’t trade him in for anyone.

How awesome was Zane? He managed to keep Jo’s integrity in place and still offer her the help she needed, even if it wasn’t what she thought she wanted. I usually take that as a sign of a strong relationship, the ability to know what the other person needs even when they aren’t sure themselves. 

Sadly the same can’t be said for Henry and Grace. Poor Henry wants to take responsibility for an action he technically didn’t commit. I think Grace said it best with

You made me a better person. If you're looking to take responsibility for something, take responsibility for that. | permalink

I agree. Henry should take responsibility for his actions, helping Grace become a better person. He shouldn't try to assume those of his alter-ego from this timeline. It doesn’t serve anyone for him to go to jail.

Oh, wait, maybe we can send the bio-printed copy to jail. Or better yet, make a bio-print of Grace and let it go to jail. And, before you say it wouldn’t work, remember – this is Eureka!


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1. Senator WEN. Not "Wyn" or "Winn". WEN. Played by Ming-na WEN! (She dropped her surname a while back and now goes by "Ming-na".) 2. Wen seems the most likely culprit, but ... Where is she, physically, anyway? If Holly is really Wen, why isn't Wen reviving her own body? 3. Did Carter TASER Wen when she was captured? We know that bad NPC Carter TASERed Holly, so when Holly said "Now we're even" (or something along those lines), my thought was that the e-mail made Holly back into Crazy Holly, not into Wen. 4. Does the smart dust mirror thing actually make any sense? 5. Ready for this show to be over.


I just read somewhere else that the clones could be NPCs... That makes a lot of sense. Especially if they are still under control of the consortium.


How did Eureka turn into this dreck? Enough with Holly. I just don't care. Argh, what a horrible way for the show to go out.


Hey, real science may have actually found the higgs-boson particle! Yay Eureka for introducing me to that bit of theoretical reality. Man, I wish we were getting another season!!! First In Plain Sight gets cancelled, and now Eureka?! It totally sucks!


The body copying is in my opinion, 90% Senator Winn found a way out the matrix. But you never know, It could be Beverly Barlow as well. I have to admit with Holly's features showing in a malicious manner, it seems very reminiscent of Beverly's expressions. A version of Beverly possibly 25 years younger looks a lot like Holly. It could also be how Beverly originally came to be...through a holly copy before season 1. And if so, Beverly could possibly have always been Senator Winn for the whole Eureka series? Long shot, but It's SYFY so you never know. But like I said, It must be simply the Senator even minus everything else. I just hope Nathan Stark makes an appearance before the Finale, or in the finale... or maybe he is possibly possessing Holly's body?? Mmmmm... Prob not, I just think all options open for a twist end makes for the better ending.


Very good. Good review.


Great episode! Interesting assessment about the bio-printed copies. My mind keeps thinking that the two timelines are going to converge...I mean where did their counterparts go? Into the original timeline (swapping places)? Will everyone end up in their own timeline? If they did switch places, what kind of havoc did their counterparts do? These are haunting questions and I can't wait to see how the team will wrap up the series. I hope these questions will be answered. I will sorely miss the series. One of the best!!

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Jack: What do you figure, we going to blow something up or get covered in goo?
Jo: Why are you so pessimistic?
Jack: Really?
Jo: [timidly] Right, I think I'm gonna go with goo.
Jack: I'll go with blow something up.

Jo: Is that...
Allison: Fargo.
Jack: Yeah, this is going to go well.