Grey's Anatomy: Casting For Two New Surgeons

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It's unclear exactly when Grey's Anatomy Season 9 will pick up relative to where May's finale left off, but the show is now casting for two new surgeons in the wake of this spring's tragic death and departures.

Two new surgeons to be hired at Seattle Grace Mercy West this season:

  1. Dr. Parker, described as an elite physician in his 40s or 50s
  2. Dr. Mel Barnett, a slightly younger surgeon than Parker

And then there's this additional casting note: Seattle Grace is reportedly looking for two medical professionals, a man and a woman, who are “smart” but “not Hollywood handsome / pretty.”

No word on how regular these characters will be, or how they will fit in with the main cast, but we welcome your theories, as well as thoughts on who you think should play them, below!

A Bright Shade of Grey

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I love GA with all my heart. I must say this "I'm an addict". i think about GA both at school and at work. when i remember a scene, i just smile to myself. My friends call me a GA freak, i don't bloody care.
I LOVE GREY'S ANATOMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it was so sad this ending, i hope some miracle happens when they are recue and touch ledzy and feel a pulse, i hope i dont miss the first chapter of the season 9, sometimes iam not home , if any body know when season 9 will start let me know pls thanks


So last night I watched the last episode from seaon 8. I began a few months ago watching from the very first season. Although I have seen GA many times, I lost track of it and started over on HULU. I must admit...I am addicted! Watching each episode makes it more real and close to the heart. Characters come and go all the time....but losing some of the best surgeons like Izzy & George make it heart wrenching. I have no idea what I am going to do when the show ends. I guess watch them all from the first season again. I am excited to see what they have in store for season 9. They have come a loooooooong way.

Ga addict13

While the idea of new characters is distressing because they could pull the main storyline away from the Regulars, but keep a few things in mind. One, the storyline made this necessary. Three of the six attendings - Mark, Der, AZ - will be recovering for quite awhile from the injuries caused by the crash. And Teddy has moved on. The hospital will have to bring in at least temporary help to get through it. Two, that doesn't mean they are staying. Casting for one or two or three episodes is not the same as casting new regulars. These newbies could be just for potential story arcs in the aftermath of the crash, and then leave. Nothing about them being REGULARS has been confirmed. Three, it's always hard to welcome new characters, especially after losing old. But if the show didn't do that, it would never have Mark, Callie, AZ, Owen, etc. And would never have had Lexie or Teddy in the first place.


I am sad that they are putting new faces to the mix. GA without Lexie and Teddy is not going to get better with new faces. GA has been doing great with the regular cast, so don't you(SR and the pool of writers) think you're good enough to come up with good stories with the same old, same old faces? Come on Ms SR, get fresh, creative writers to spin the wheels for you instead of putting new faces. After all, the originals and the old timers have been good to you and especially to the producers that made GA always on top of the ratings.Where's the love and a little loyalty, huh? ER, with 15 season died because of the formula of putting new faces. ER had 15 seasons simply because there was no competition at all.Whereas, GA, has a lot - there is Gen. Hosp., Private Practice, HOUSE, Saving Hope, to name a few.
So, give the old timers a chance and hire new, fresh, talented writers to work on the story instead.


It makes no sense to me to get two new ones right away. If that was the case you should have kept Teddy and Lexie on and given the actresses anything they want to keep them, especially Chyler Leigh. She is just so much fun to watch as she is a very versatile actress. She will be missed.


I think that it would be good to have some new faces on greys anatomy, but they could bring back some old ones too, like Izzy and a George look a like! I miss these characters! Can't wait for season nine! Keep it up!!


I am almost embarrassed to admit this bit I have been watching this show since episode 1. I don't even want to know how many hours that adds up to. I was shocked at the finale but pleasantly surprised by the plane crash. Lexie dying was so sad. This should give SR a boatload of opportunity to expand on the inner characters and demons of Mark, Meredith and the core cast. If your core is weak, your body is weak. STOP introducing new characters and go deeper into your core group. They are all going to new levels with their careers as well as in their personal lives. Christina and Owen with the abortion has not finished playing out. Richard and his wife's Alzheimer's are very relatable family issues. What about showing new interests that they have outside of the OR. IZzy, even for a few episodes would help considering what her character has lived through. SR needs to show the fallout from the crash but also how people heal and move past tragedy.


Ugh is the word. The only reason I could stand Kim and Chyler leaving is because I thought that it would mean more airtime for the other characters. But now.. it's just a big mess. I'm not sure if it's Shonda doing this.. or ABC pushing for some fresh blood in the series. Either way.. I hope season 9 is the last season of Grey's before it becomes even more of an ridiculous show. The only one who could come back in my opinion is Izzie. But that'll probably never happen.


What the...? Am I the only one that is against this? They want to add even MORE cast members? They should stop! They should focus on the originals and SD, JW! This is most likely to ruin the show for me. I'm not sure if I'll stand so much transformation after 8x24 big disaster. I don't see how all storylines are going to be sorted out after 8x23 and 8x24. And letting the rest go will kill the series. Be careful SR!

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