Grey's Anatomy: Casting For Two New Surgeons

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It's unclear exactly when Grey's Anatomy Season 9 will pick up relative to where May's finale left off, but the show is now casting for two new surgeons in the wake of this spring's tragic death and departures.

Two new surgeons to be hired at Seattle Grace Mercy West this season:

  1. Dr. Parker, described as an elite physician in his 40s or 50s
  2. Dr. Mel Barnett, a slightly younger surgeon than Parker

And then there's this additional casting note: Seattle Grace is reportedly looking for two medical professionals, a man and a woman, who are “smart” but “not Hollywood handsome / pretty.”

No word on how regular these characters will be, or how they will fit in with the main cast, but we welcome your theories, as well as thoughts on who you think should play them, below!

A Bright Shade of Grey

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Okay Greys Anatomy Royalty Shonda Rhimes, cast me.. a 50 yr. old new jersey deserter (now I reside in Georgia) as a relative of Meredith and Lexie that Mer meets at Lexie's funeral. I am pretty, a bit heavier than i want to be, (not a tiny tiny person) had a lot of trauma in my life, but not.."hollywood pretty". I could be a Parker but I'd rather be a Grey! .....california dreamin on such a summer day.


I can't believe it's already season 9!!! Been there from season 4. Not a lot to brag about, I know, but this is a lot too :) GA has grown into my heart forever.


Sorry, I meant to write that Omar Epps might be a good addition too, but I wondered if it would be weird to see him in another doctor role so soon after 'House'.


Mekhi Phiffer (sp?) did a great job on ER, maybe he would be good for Grey's too. Or would it be weird to see Omar Epps in a role, seeing as House just ended?

Ga addict13

@smileyglen Thank you!!! And on another page on here there was someone who said they thought Derek should die. I understand that there most people have a character they can't stand (for me Izzy), but the show has been based off Mer and Der since the first scene of the first episode. He's not going anywhere. So again, why are you watching the show? Or on a site looking up spoilers? Sorry for going into full blown rant mode, but its a pet peeve of mine.


I heard a rumor that Ellen Poolmo has really bad breath. I also heard Eric Dane has a farting promblem. They say that Kevin mckid is very funny on set. Why dont they a epoisode on Grey's Anatomy Bloppers.


I'm so sad about Lexie's death, it still hasn't sink in.. it was so sudden.
two new cast? that would be exciting! missed the original cast though especially Izzie..


If I was Shonda I would cast Max Martini as Dr Parker, he would make a great doctor.


Two new doctors? Hey, it's fantastic! I love new members, and i hope they'll become regular. I also can't wait to see Mer, Cristina and Alex as attendings. It really would be enjoyable. Some new regular interns and residents would also be cool. If all the regular cast consists of attendings, it would be a bit boring. Different, but drab. I can't wait for new season.


@GA-Addict13 I'm behind you 100%, only true fans on this site and if you don't like what is written, don't make insulting comments just leave the site. There is no need to be rude.

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