Pretty Little Liars Clips: She's Alive!

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This just in: Alison is totally alive on Pretty Little Liars!

If you're the type of person who believes Ouija boards, that is, as a sneak peek at tomorrow night's "Crazy" reveals Hanna and Mona receiving a disturbing answer to a pressing question. Watch now:

What else can fans look forward to on the installment? More trouble with the law for Hanna, blood sample style:

An awkward situation for Emily, who is asked about the proper present for someone who is anything but a friend:

Toby attempting to give Spencer some advice. Remember, he was once a wanted man as well:

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Leon alexis

I didn't yet. This ep. scared me a little.
Did Mona say also: "Maya knew" and "Nood safe"?


Did anybody go on the website they were talking about?


toby is acting so weird. i know he's always been like this, but this season, it feels like he's gotten a lot weirder. n u have good eyes sophia, i think it is the same


Did anyone else notice that the sign on the ouija board handle thingy was the same as the tattoo on holden's hand?

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Jenna's back, and she's knocking into walls.


Stop looking at me like I'm the town pump.