Rizzoli & Isles Review: The Fantasy of Love

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"Cuts Like a Knife" opens at the So In Love Wedding Chapel, where the bride looks like she just walked out of a horror movie. Wow! That white dress really showed off her... blood splatter? I'm guessing that's not what she was hoping for when she picked it out.

The brutal murder at this locale quickly turned into a horrifying case of human trafficking that included branding, rape and auctioning young woman off to the highest bidder.  The entire case turned out to be way more disturbing than I ever expected looking at that wedding scene.

Jane & Maura Search For a Killer

Although ex-fiance Vicky was a complete nut job, I'd guess they had to let her go. What could they charge her with? Stealing a cake topper? Talking crazy while holding a large knife? Obsessive scrap booking?

I knew the guy who ran Samaritan girl was the killer the moment I saw him. He came across way too sleazy to be innocent.

Hearing Maura and Jane's fantasy wedding scenarios was definitely a highlight. It came as no surprise that Maura had her wedding planned out to the nth detail and I couldn't help but laugh when she said in this Rizzoli & Isles quote…

Maura: What a shame to get married in a polyester blend. | permalink

Oh, the horror. That was very so Maura. Little did she know at the time that her best friend's fantasy wedding included getting married in a baseball uniform.

Frost and Frankie's man code discussion was funny and enlightening, but they were so smitten with Jane's pretty new neighbor that they missed some fairly important information. Like the fact that she was a drug dealer. That won't help Frankie's chances for promotion.

I love that each episode ends with these two best friends decompressing, this time on Jane's mattress. 

So... which middle name is better: Clementine or Dorthea? You choose.


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The bio mom/Maura storyline: I can't believe a sharp woman like Dr Martin could'nt snap to the fact that Maura is her long lost daughter. Afterall, it was she who gave her the name Maura, which is sort of an unusual name anyway and Maura is the same age that her daughter would be. Not to mention the fact that Dr. Hope is obviously drawn to Maura and keeps popping up to pour out her heart...Hello


I just wanted to know where they were going to take all those croatian girls they rescued. Maura's guest house perhaps?


this case kinda reminded me the 5th book of the series "Vanish". it was a good ep, though i'm still waiting for the Maura storyline with her biological mother, and the Casey storyline to continue


The entire human trafficking scene with the auction and the drugged young women behind the curtains was exactly like the Liam Niessen movie, TAKEN. Not very original writing! I still enjoyed the episode, however. I, too, loved the "man code" explanations.


The bride would never have been able to walk from the dressing room to the chapel if she had had her carotid artery cut and lost as much blood as they showed. So, it got off to a bad start. All in all, a decent, but not excellent episode.


as always, a fun show to watch - if I delved too deeply into it, I would question what happened to Maura's birth mother, adopted mother and birth father - what happened with the woman pregnant with Jane's brother's or father's child - etc etc - but I don't because it is just what entertainment is supposed to be - a fun distraction for one hour a week -


I liked this episode too. I thought it brought back season 1 dynamic. Great job R&I!!!


I thought this was a good episode. I liked that it had Maura and Jane together solving the case more and their friendship was front and center. I loved it. I did not think the murder case was all that bad either.


I didn't really like the case, i wsas kinda boring. But I loved hearing Sasha speak Serbian. I loved it when she said it was an easy language when it is actually difficult


I was none too pleased with the episode or season 3 really for that matter, the woman playing Vicky was not at all very talented and she was poorly written and also the mexican suspect, there was definitely some racism there with that stereotyping, and again they basically crammed all the excitement into the last 10 minutes of the show, not to mention that the excitement really wasn't that exciting, the writers have definitely been off their game this season, the first 2 episodes were okay but after those everything was pretty crappy

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Rizzoli & Isles Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Don't be mean because your mattress is still on top of your car.


The rate of uniforms getting a slot in homicide is lowest among momma's boys.