Rizzoli & Isles Review: The Kindness of Strangers

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Rizzoli & Isles is having one of its best seasons yet and the reveal of Maura's biological mother is definitely a part of that success.

"Money Maker" gave us a salacious murder wrapped around the growing relationship of Maura and her new family. Yes, I said family because not only has she made contact with bio mom Hope, she also has a half sister.

At first I couldn't figure out why Hope dragged Kaylin back to the States. She's a college student. She certainly didn't need to be taken care of by mommy but then there was the big reveal: Kaylin needed a kidney and suddenly the trip back to Boston made sense.

Maura & Jane Go Undercover

I actually ended up liking Kaylin. She was angry, sullen and stubborn. Everything I'd expect from a teen who felt life had dealt her a bad hand. I also knew she'd find that picture in Maura's bathroom. Doesn't everyone snoop through a stranger's bathroom?

The kidney transplant issue could have been used to pull this family together and I have little doubt it may end up doing so in the future. Presently, I'm thrilled with the rift it's torn between this threesome. 

Kaylin felt betrayed by the sister she'd thought was dead and yet could still never measure up to. And I really felt for Hope. She thought her child died! Then there's this woman standing there telling her that's not the case. 

She must have thought Maura was crazy and, given intense concern for Kaylin, it was no wonder she became completely overwhelmed. 

I enjoyed the angst of this family drama because it felt real. This storyline could have become cliched but some good writing and very talented actresses have elevated it to something more.

Even the murder story was fun tonight. It was a financial ponzi scheme with a sex club twist. These boys were determined to find plenty of ways to cheat.

Guest star Monet Mazur somehow made her realtor /call girl/mistress believable and fun. I was sorry to see her end up dead in the pool.

Did Maura seem a little too fixated on the call girl life? She gushed over the clothes and the leather accessories. From the sound of things I'm guessing Eddie Cibrian's character is long gone. I can't say I'm disappointed in that but Maura definitely deserves a worthy love interest.

Of course, she always has Jane, who went from putting Hope's reaction into perspective for her best friend before reminding her that family sucks and then joking about how good her kidney was. At least for now, Maura's got the love and support she needs.


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The story lines need improving and the pimsree of the medical examiner being at all the scenes seems forced, however, I really like the two main characters- they're intelligent, quarky, snarky and fun.


Angie Harmon was awesome in Law & Order, as was her co lead in NCIS. But this show is now spending way too much time about her poor acting mother and the restaurant. She is supposed to be a detective, so what happened to the action stories like the beginning? Those were exciting and showed how great Angie can perform.


I disagree with Lindalou. I like Angie Harmon, but the Maura Isles character is much more complex, with the serious medical stuff, the goofy wikipedia part and now the family affairs. I think Sasha is doing a great job, I don't find her part boring at all!
As for the nun, sorry but she has to go. Unless it is there to introduce a priest character. I heard there is one in the book. Maybe that is why she is there?


Me encanta el programa, su parte seria y su parte de comedia, es completamente irreverente y con mucho subtexto, habrá que ver como resuelven las situaciones, es bastante inusual en la TV

Beverly brooks

I felt sorry for the half-sister. She has a mother who yanks from everything she ever known, a mother who is always away doing good deeds, then when she is at home tries to smother the girl with too much. But over all Rizzoli and Isles is a good, cheerful show. I like both women.


Frankly I hope when it does come around to the brat needing the kidney that Maura doesn't give it to her. I don't want her to die but I also don't want her and Hope hanging around all the time. Rizzoli and Isles is at its best when its Jane and Maura against the world.
On the other side of the coin, I'm glad that Maura has finally met her biological mother and half- sister - even if those relationships are not exactly going that great right now!


Product placement is here to stay. Its happening more and more. It doesn't make me go out and buy anything, and I can take it or leave it, but they just had people bringing it up, which is more advertisement. As for the show, I think they could have done better with the nun character. I've always enjoyed the actress who plays her, but this needs better writing. I think the 18 yr old, even though she went to oxford, is still an 18 yr old, who contracted a disease because of her mom bringing her on her job, and now needs a kidney to live. I think the attitude is about what you would expect. I'm sure the kidney will probably be given to her at some point, and the shock of finding out will pass. This is a good story line and I've enjoyed it.


love the show for its sheer irreverence - just a fun hour - don't mind the nun character at all -


I want to see more of Jane's love life, I thought that was such a sweet story line and you really get to see a different part of her. I love this show, one of my favorites of the summer!


agree about the nun character. Stretching to have that kind of social work position in the middle of a police station. Mildly believable for a brief scenario but as an ongoing character? Don't think so.
Also, I know a lot of nuns and dislike the usual media carictature of sisters as mean, overbearing, and correcting adults as if they were children.

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