Rookie Blue Review: Making It Real

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"The Girlfriend Experience" was all about making it real, as relationships came into question and an attacker went in for the kill.

Gail had a busy night. First, she and Nick nearly ended up tainting evidence. Maybe the car would have been a better choice.

Then, Nick reminded her that she said she wasn't looking for a relationship. Suddenly the look on Gail's face communicated that perhaps she wanted more than their friends-with-benefits fling.

Gail Goes Undercover

When Nicholson started flirting with Collins, no one could mistake the look of jealousy on Gail's face. However, I loved that Gail didn't get all pouty about it. She took action in the most delightfully evil way. 

But Gail didn't have time to worry about her guy. She had an undercover operation to prepare for and who better to help her than the Foxy Brown of undercover escorts, Noelle. 

The seduction role play between Noelle and Oliver was my favorite scene of the night. Those two were amazing and all they did was sit there, look into one another's eyes and talk. Kudos to Noelle for being able to exude sexuality while pregnant and in uniform. It was all about the attitude.

Gail did well as an undercover escort but she could have eased up on the drinks. Mixing tequila shots and Appletinis doesn't sound like the best combination for keeping your head.

This episode did a great job of building the suspense as we waited for the attacker to make his move. They even made me wonder if Andy was in danger when she decided to walk home alone. In the end, her only worry was whether Sam would understand that she wanted to head back to her place.

Speaking of Sam and Andy, we didn't see a lot of them tonight, but they were still undeniably cute. As when Sam asked Andy in this Rookie Blue quote

Why do people have to get married at all? | permalink

As harsh as the words may have been, you could tell he was completely messing with her by the look on his face.

Jerry and Traci were another matter. The destination wedding in the Dominican Republic sounded lovely but why did Jerry look so down? Was it just that Traci shot down his boat idea or was he worried that he and Traci wanted different things?

Was Dov turning into a little Oliver? Not that that's a bad thing. Between the snacking and making Chris listen to every 911 call, I was proud of Ollie's protoge.

A couple of side notes worth mentioning:

  • Loved the look on Andy's face when Rachel says she's a student while they're standing in her uber-expensive loft.
  • Sam trying to hide that he doesn't like to fly was incredibly cute.
  • How big of a Disney fan is Andy? Her list for escort names were all Disney princesses.
  • Chris really needs to wash his sheets.  Ew!
  • Who wants to see Sam in a pair of shorts?

So who is Gail's attacker? NiceGuy76? The bartender? The cab driver? Perhaps the hotel manager? We've got a week to figure it out. What's your guess?


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The last thing I thought about before falling asleep was not "Who just attacked Gail?" but "I wanna see Sam in shorts". Weird.
Thanks for the review, I agree about Andy's look to the appartment, it as priceless! Excellent episode, can't wait for the next!


Great review! I really loved the storyline of this episode and I agree; Sam looked amazing!


Noelle was amazing in this episode, it just shows how under used she is. Being able to seduce Oliver whilst pregnant great and believable. Good to see Gail as the main focus. Chris and Dov working together it seems that they have changed their personality,


Great review! Yup, Noelle nailed that seduction scene with Oliver! I like your take on Dov, he really looked like a mini-Oliver lol. Loved Andy's look in the loft as well, she was hilarious! And YES, me wants to see Sam in shorts LOL! He was so hot and cute in this episode, it's ridiculous! As for Gail's attacker I think it's either the hotel manager or the cabbie, but mostly the hotel manager because yes, the cabbie drove her home but then he left and I think we saw like a car was waiting around the building and it made me feel like someone was watching Gail.


Ditto - I want to know how they found Gail. I noticed one of the officers called her Peck when the creepy guy was being put in the squad car, and she mentioned she was staying at Andi's house on her phone - maybe the tech creepy guy bugged her phone? IDK when, though.


Wow!Great episode..I absoloutly love nick and gail!!They are perfect together.I hope sam and andy make it along with nick and gail and jerry and traci.


I really loved the Foxy Brown school of seduction scene too! Melanie and Matty did such a great job with that!! I wasn't as sure as you that Sam was definitely just yanking Andy's chain though, and she didn't seem to be either. I guess based on his reaction when Jerry brought it up in the awesome Best Man scene, you're probably right though. Gail was just so much fun to watch in this entire episode. Charlotte Sullivan really outdid herself, and she's always really fun to watch. They really left us with a tense cliff hanger. It's going to be a looong 2 weeks!!


maybe bartender or cabby and maybe together. oh my mind hang over. i can't stay for 2 weeks.


Actually, we have two weeks to figure it out - and this wait is going to be really hard! I love your point about Sam's teasing about getting married, I think he knows that Andy is in the relationship for the long haul and is not interested in just toying with him. As for Andy and being a Disney fan - I think it is because of her childhood memories, the ones before Claire left and her world turned upside down, were all about princesses and happily ever after. All in all, great review and I look forward to reading the round table! Catch you on the flip side


Yes it could be the bartender but I think it's either the cab driver or NiceGuy76. (Can't remember his name.) Reason being: The cab driver could hear Gail when she was on the phone in the car and oviously droped her off... and I would jus suspect NiceGuy would proly be mad at gail for what she did to him. I'm also mad at the lack of "Sandy" scenes. The chemistry between Ben and Missy is soo gooood. But I also don't predict goooood things for "Sandy" coming up. I fear somthing in their relationship is going to surface that's not going to be good for "Sandy" fans... I just hope the writers keep them together this season. :)

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I can't even picture Sam on vacation. He doesn't even own shorts.


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