Rookie Blue Round Table: "The Girlfriend Experience"

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Gail took on a major undercover assignment in "The Girlfriend Experience." Did she pull it off? Or just put herself in danger?

Christine Orlando of TV Fanatic is joined for this edition of the Round Table by Kathryn, Nathalie and Heather from the Two Worlds Collide Fan Forum.  These Rookie Blue fans decide what Jerry's so worried about, identify the mysterious attacker and decide whether the Foxy Brown of undercover escorts stole the show.

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What was your favorite scene?
Kathryn: Tie between the Sam/Jerry Best Man talk and Noelle demonstrating how to create the "girlfriend experience" with Oliver.

Nathalie: The "best man" scene between Jerry and Sam! They looked so happy and relaxed, it was needed in that heavy episode.

Heather: Normally, I'd pick a Sam and Andy scene, but I have to say I adored the scene with Noelle and Oliver playing escort and john. They are both fabulous! Sam and Andy both looked HOT... and I hope we get more scenes with them in coming episodes.

Christine: Noelle and Oliver were fantastic in the role playing scene. This unlikely couple sitting there in their uniforms just talking made for one hot couple. It's all in the attitude.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Who is the attacker?
Kathryn: I'm not sure except I don't think it will be Gail's "date." The guy Jerry fights in the Global promo looks most like the cab driver to me, so I'll go with him as my theory.

Nathalie: Either Gavin (the hotel security manager) or the cab driver that drove Gail to Andy's. I'll say Gavin.

Heather: I can't make up my mind! I go back and forth between creepy Charlie and the bartender.

Christine: The cab driver makes the most sense because he'd know where he dropped her off but they set it up so that there are several suspects which is always fun.

Should Nick and Gail move on to a real relationship or just keep tainting the evidence room?
Kathryn: I think they seem like Andy and Sam's early days all over again where both are in denial about what they really want. They should go for it or call it quits. The friends with benefits thing doesn't seem like it's working anymore. I did get a huge kick out of Gail's jealous power play with the other blonde officer, though.

Nathalie: For now their relationship is okay but sooner or later they'll either have to stop it or to move it to the next level.

Heather: They both just need to grow up and decide what they really want. I think that's what Gail was planning, but I'm looking forward to finding out how all of this affects them.

Christine: I don't think the friends with benefits thing is working for either of them and I'm guessing that's what Gail wanted to tell Nick. Now we may never know.

Jerry looked so worried when Traci turned down the boat. Is a boat just a boat or is he afraid of something else?
Kathryn: Jerry is adorable when he's in romance mode. I think he's definitely worried there's more to it, and he may not be wrong. I think Traci does still have a few mixed feelings about marriage. Speaking of which, what the heck is up with Swarek's wedding attitude? Is is really just male pride about the flying fear? I get that given that Andy went skydiving, but something seemed off with him.

Nathalie: I hadn't thought about that actually! He might be worried she's not into this wedding and she just agreed because she was taken aback by his speech in the previous episode.

Heather: I'm so afraid for Jerry and Traci. I love them as a couple, but I see all kinds of foreshadowing that there is trouble ahead.

Christine: Traci seems all in but I think Jerry's got reason to be worried. Nevermind the boat, I don't think they'll make it to the altar.

What did you think of Gail's undercover work?
Kathryn: I LOVED Gail in this episode!! She looked stunning, but her early nervousness reminded me of her surprising stage fright phobia. And I'm actually not surprised she had more trouble with being an escort than a street walker. She doesn't do genuine even in her real life relationships, using the whole "try to be sexy" thing that Noelle was telling her to drop instead. So no wonder she felt out of her depth.

Nathalie:  She was really nervous but I think she nailed it, especially when she discretely signaled she was in P3 in the parking lot!

Heather: I think Gail rocked these scenes! She was amazingly tough and vulnerable and went all out in the fight scene. I just love her.

Christine: I like Gail more ever week and think she did a great job. Especially when her date decided to change things up and go for a ride. She went with it but still managed to maintain some control.

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I saw this same episode last summer in 2011. I thought there were going to be new show's??? Can anyone help me??
Thanks Lori


why did jerry leave the show


I think its Nick who Gail called. As much as I love Gail with Chris i think she has more chemistry with Nick. I like our new rookie. Yes, we lose someone this year on rookie blue:( upset about this but i will say to everyone that its not Gail.


Love Charlotte as an actress and it was great to see her get a nice story line. I thought her undercover work was awesome. I DON'T think her and Nick need to be together....I am so HOPING it was Chris she called. What is upsetting me is the summary of the 3.10 ep, which says everyone is trying to deal with a devastitating loss and nothing is said about Gail being in the ep. If they get rid of her...I don't know if I will keep watching!


Great round table as always. My vote for the creeper would be the bartender... he knows how this stuff works. But, I find in these kinds of situations its the person they meet first and come back to. So I'd say the manager is a good guess! ;) Great episode all around. I loved the storyline and very happy for Charlotte Sullivan getting an episode arc like this one. She's an awesome actress!

Sarah silva

Jerry looked so worried when Traci turned down the boat. Is a boat just a boat or is he afraid of something else?
I am in the minority I think Jerry and Traci will be just fine! As for Sam, when he made the marriage comment to Andy he had a smirk on his face I think he would marry her but Sam was just being Sam. What did you think of Gail's undercover work?
While I am not a Gail fan I really liked her in this episode and she is a damn good cop, not everyone would do the covert P3 signal to the cameras but she remembered they were watching!

Sarah silva

What was your favorite scene?
I have to go with Jerry asking Sam to be his best man! Who is the attacker?
It is the bartender, the guy that attacked Gail was taller and thinner than the bartender. Should Nick and Gail move on to a real relationship or just keep tainting the evidence room?
I think Nick is good for her, he dosent take her BS and he calls her on it as well, so he is a good match for her.


I never doubted it anyway, but the ABC website says that it was Nick who Gail tried to call. It makes sense given what happened in the episode, and also explains why Chris particularly blames Nick. It will be interesting to find out why he missed her calls, and I'm dying to know how this will affect Gail and her relationships. I'm also wondering how the writers will handle the Peck family reactions. So far as I know, they didn't bring Lauren back, so I guess we won't actually see the wrath of Mama Peck?


Great round table. Just wondering if anyone thinks that it wasn't Nick that Gail called at the end? She never said a name. Could it be Chris or Dove?


Love the new roundtable. I agree about Jerry/Traci I hate to even think it because they just fit & work so well together as a couple but I do think they're headed for splitsville. I think Traci is trying as hard as she can for Jerry to want to get married, but she just doesn't want to get married. I do think she's gonna end up breaking his heart. As for Gail/Nick I want to like them more. I really do it's obvious she was very in love with him and there are still residual feelings there but idk. I just can't fully get behind them as a couple. I think Gail did really well undercover she has great instincts.

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