Sarah Ramos: Demoted on Parenthood

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What's good news for Haddie Braverman is less pleasant news for Sarah Ramos: the actress will not be listed as a series regular on Parenthood Season 4...

... because her character is off to college!


While this storyline thread was left hanging on the Parenthood Season 3 finale after Adam turned down a chance to help pay for his daughter's tuition, we can confirm that Haddie will, indeed, leave for school this fall.

Naturally, that means less time with her family, which will mean far less screen time for Ramos. But the actress/character is certainly not gone for good. All students get Thanksgiving and Christmas off at least, remember.

The other major news surrounding the upcoming new season? Ray Romano will recur as a possible love interest for Sarah.

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Just marathoned about 7 episodes of current season and still have 3 or so to go. Just googled: "HADDIE BRAVERMAN cut from parenthood because her character is annoying?" and this site popped up. I see from another site that Haddie IS returning. S'okay.


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Sara and Ray Romano? What?

Sarah silva

Parenthood has always been a show that is not far fetched it is more 'real' so I am glad that they are having Sara go off to a college that is far away not one that is super close as that does not always happen! Plus she was not in every episode before anyways!


While I can see people going to bitch about this, if she was suppose to be going away for college, it more realistic you would see her less and applaud the writers for being realistic because Haddie does not need to be seen or be home all the time unless she attends a school known as a "suitcase college" (colleges where students mostly decide to come home. I am also happy they are not going to show her college life if that what they mean her appearances are cut down because college storylines have never interested the audience (but mostly due to how unrealistic the writers go about them), so in order to avoir what could be bad storytelling, it was a smart move. I mostly found Haddie annoying there something about Adam's offspring that annoys me. BTW as much as I upset as a kid 7th Heaven did that as well (in most cases the actors left to due to personal reasons and I believe David Gallagher did leave to finish school).


Wow. This is annoying. I enjoy Haddie and I can't imagine the cast being down such a relevant character. My guess is that NBC did this for budgetary reasons to keep the show for another season.

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