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To any fans of the show Saving Hope was recently renewed in Canada so chances are it will also be for America.


Please dont cancel this show. I have loved it from the first time i saw it i was out of town but it was the first thing i watched when i got home. dont kill charlie or this show PLEASEi


I didn't understand why they let his EX-wife choose for him. The fact that he divorced her should mean he doesn't want her taking decisions on his behalf. And doesn't he have other family than these two who can decide? It was just frustrating to watch her making decisions on his behalf after years not being in his life.


I love this show. I know the whole premise is this supernatural thing, but Charlie has got to wake up even if it's only briefly. Or he has to make some type of contact with Alex or someone so that they know he is still in there. Joel would probably be best because I think even Dawn would listen to him fighting for Charlie. I don't believe fans here in the US are going to keep sticking around if there is no hope of him waking soon. I know Dawn says she loves Charlie, but she doesn't. She is jealous of his and Alex's relationship and doesn't want to believe Alex could have brought out a new side to him which would mean that she (Alex) knows him better. I'm not saying she's being vindictive, but she refuses to see any view, other than her own selfish one. I really like all of the characters and I, too, believe that Joel is a good guy.


I so want Charlie to live but I think they may turn his machine on at the last second. This show is so good!! I really hope they don't keep me hanging only to cancel its next season


I expect Charlie eyes to open in the end scene. I never hated Dawn because she is the only realistic doctor. A lot of doctors would have pull the plug if there was nothing else to do. I loved Dawn and Alex scenes tonight and think that if they had decided to work together since the beginning then Charlie would be alive right now. We seen both sides of Joel tonight but I still see him as a good guy.

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