The Closer Review: Continuing To Deliver

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It amazes me that after six-plus seasons, The Closer can still be revealing secrets about its characters.

"Drug Fiend" proved just how much life there is left for them. For some, including Detective Gabriel, that will bring a sadness, but for others we can continue their journey through Major Crimes.

Is Raydor Loyal?

This week we discovered David (I’m sorry, David who?) Gabriel has been having a relationship for the past year; very quietly, at that. Knowing he has been having this private back story, and the way in which he defended Brenda to Ann, eased some of my fears that he might be the mole in the department.

There are other reasons for a character not to move on with Major Crimes, and given his relationship with Brenda, I’m going out on a limb right now to say that her absence from the division will be what keeps him from sticking around. That and Ann, of course. I enjoyed her, and related with her worries about his family (and everyone else in his life) not liking her. Gabriel likes strong women and he found one in Ann. 

The case of the week was quite despicable, wasn’t it? It really hit home for Brenda and how she was able to work it without breaking sooner than she did was testament to her professionalism. We had no idea that her father wasn’t responding well to his cancer treatment and something inside me was whispering that even the great Dr. Parr won’t be able to turn that around. 

The scene between Brenda and Dr. Parr at the end, from a desperate daughter who also happened to be an annoyed police chief to a frustrated and upset, yet excellent cancer physician, was brilliant. Her tears and the softening of Parr’s face made for a beautiful moment of television.

Brenda: I'm not looking for a decent human being, I'm looking for a great doctor and you're it. | permalink

Let’s talk about Pope for a moment. The business with the Special Master Warrants and his clamor for the top of his rank are cringe worthy. Are they even trying to hide that he is the mole? I don’t think it would have any less impact to just throw it out there that he has been the person sabotaging Brenda’s career than it would be to turn the tables and out Gabriel. Just because we see him for the slime that he is, it was apparent that until she was at the table with Fritz, it hadn’t fully hit Brenda how little faith Pope had in her. 

Considering their deep past and how she trusted him so implicitly, it slammed her hard to realize he was truly trying to take her down. She sarcastically remarked to Raydor that she was happy she and Commander Taylor were running interference for her, but what were the odds a few years back that Taylor would stick his neck out in any situation for Brenda? If he’s the mole, I can’t think of a motive to do her a solid in that investigation. 

These last episodes are really turning up the heat. Great emotional battles are being waged and lines are being drawn. Some almost implausible, but they work. 

I had the opportunity to chat with Corey Reynolds (Gabriel) and will be posting that interview in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out here for what he has to say about Gabriel’s future. I can’t wait to see what next week brings, can you?


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I don't see a reason for Pope wanting to take out Brenda's career, though. Even though he's a flaming a/hole half the time, I still don't feel like she's done anything to him to warrant the takedown. Now, maybe it's because she HAS done something, that we see as innocuous, but that he sees differently. I like the idea of the g.f. being the mole, though--that let's the whole cast go out, smelling like roses :)


Come on writers, why are you making one of the best shows and main charter look bad? I hate to watch it now. You could have taken Brenda out in a better way. She's a hateful person this season and that's so not right. We have enjoyed the Closer from the beginning. This is a disappointing season.


She is yelling out Fritz's name in that clip.


Does anyone know who's name Brenda is screaming out in the preview of next weeks show? At the end of the preview she is being removed/held back out of a room and she screams a name....who? I can't hear and I miss closed cap everytime! lol! Thank you...


Unfortunately, I've always been suspicious that either Pope or Gabriel might be the mole. But for as much as I was pointing the finger at one of them (an also hoping it was neither of them.....well maybe more NOT Gabriel than anything).....I NOW KNOW.....IT'S the LAWYER GIRLFRIEND! She's been working David for information and passing it along to Goldman. I'm sure it started innocently enough...him just venting to her but somewhere along the line....Ann decided that Brenda was NOT following "the law"...... No David will not be on Major Crimes but I think that's bc he will have a crisis of conscious over inadvertently betraying "the Chief." Remember at the end of season 6, even though he went over her head...he told her that he is ALWAYS ON HER SIDE.....and I believe that. I got chills just typing it.......please don't say The Closer is almost over! PLEASE NO!


I think the leak on THE CLOSER is actually something electronic, either a bug placed there by someone or someone accidentally discovered how to "tune into" Major Crimes' offices. It's a new building which had a lot of problems at first. I can't see anyone in the group consciously leaking info. Besides, the info is being 'leaked' rapidly, as though someone is able to eavesdrop on their conversations. I don't even think it could be Pope, although I agree his performance in last night's episode gave me pause. On the other hand, I could be all wrong. Question: To whom is all the info being leaked?


The mole has to be somebody who was in the office when captain Raydor announced that she was retiring. David can't be the mole, I love him. And I'm going to miss him! Ann was funny.


This episode convinced me Fritz was the mole. His rage at Brenda- "does that sound like anybody ELSE we know?" his anger at brenda is steadily growing and her obliviousness is kinda sweet, or funny, or noble, but im sure fritz doesnt see it as noble.. lol


I would really, really, like to know who the actor is that plays Ann?? Please let me know if you know who it is!


Pretty obvious that Gabriel's girlfriend is the mole. They've been dating for a year? He's been telling her all about his work? A random last-minute character added three episodes before the finale to take the fall? Methinks The Closer jumped the shark.

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