Imagine what we would do with a man like this if we didn't know he had an attorney coming.


Wanna see the face of a mass murder, Captain? Take a look.


I may not have done right by everyone in my life, but I have always given my professional best to Will.


Well it's nice to know you and Commander Taylor are runnin' interference for me.


I'm now supposed to inform the DA's office every time Major Crimes rolls out for a homicide.


Provenza: You're dating a lawyer?
Gabriel: Who I met in church.
Provenza: And that's supposed to make it better?

Flynn: You consider treating cancer patients business.
Dr. Parr: Excuse me? And you wear that badge for free?

The only thing you have ever done to upset my mother is when she told you you rinse the dishes off too much before putting them into the dishwasher.


I'm not looking for a decent human being, I'm looking for a great doctor and you're it.

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