The Closer Review: Flynn and Provenza Strike Again!

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With The Closer nearing its end, "Fool's Gold" provided the extra benefit of one of the goofiest victims of a crime ever to be seen on this TNT smash.

Provenza's In Trouble

Mr. Cooper was cartoonish and seemed to be acting for an audience in theaters far away from the main stages of Broadway. The looks on his face, the whining, the wheezing and dramatic hand gestures reminded me of the dastardly villains that I used to watch on Scooby Doo as a child. In an amazing turn of events, he out-quoted both Flynn and Provenza, almost making them look intelligent in their botching of the case. Quite amazing, wasn't it?

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In the greater scheme of things, this was a throw-away episode. One of the best of the best tosses we could have received. The entire squad running through a front yard after a dog, while a victim/thief was on his hands and knees alone wondering exactly what the hell was going on, was priceless, comic Closer at its most entertaining. 

If I wasn't mistaken, it almost seemed like Provenza and Liz might be interested in rekindling their old relationship. After seeing Brenda teasing Fritz into her office with questions about what federal property she was allowed to touch, you could see a little weakness in Liz's eyes. Follow that with Provenza putting her wedding ring back on her finger and maybe he'll end the show with something solid in his life, if only the surety of a ride home after hours of drinking at the bar. 

With the fun we had tonight, and the drama left to unfold, this might have been the last chance we had to take pleasure in the team enjoying each other as friends and coworkers. As the Johnson Rule weighs down upon Brenda and the leak within the department bubbles ever closer to the surface, what lies ahead is anybody's guess. 


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Who was the actor who played Mr. Cooper? I didn't get his name. What a character. The subplots seem more choppy than usual. I keep thinking I've missed an episode, but looking at the list, I don't think I have.


This episode seemed "off." Even the makeup and camera shots were different - I almost did not recognize the characters I've grown to love. Pope was confused as ever - Sharon even seemed to be sending secret messages to Brenda. It just didn't seem right - and you can have the dog. Let's get back to the drama and teamwork.


Great Episode with Fool's Gold. That's what type of show we have been waiting for the camaraderie and relationship info of the division. Hope the other episode are this good till the end.


There was that throw-away remark at the end about why Chief Pope had tried so hard to keep Brenda and Captain Rader from working together. That seemed to be a clue. Pope is worried that if the two women get to be friendly, they'll put their heads together and figure out something he wants to keep secret?


I thought this was very funny. I'm glad they gave us a humorous one, before the sad end of this wonderful show. I love that they had Flynn and Provenza mess up again. Waiting for the evidence to be deposited by the dog was great. Although, I think the lawyer, who they referred to as Bonnie, was not very bright for leaving it in the first place. I'm still at odds as to who the leak is, with only 4 more episodes left, we will know soon. I'm still leaning towards Pope, because he has turned into such a jerk. I would hate to see it be David, although a possibility. And Sharon, gives these looks, which sometime, you just are so sure where she is coming from. I would like to see Provenza end up in a relationship. Since trying so many times, going back to the first, would make a good ending.

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The Closer Season 7 Episode 17 Quotes

Well, at least we won't have to watch video of you two on the news ignoring a robbery and a murder.


Flynn: Hang out at the bar. So what's in it for me?
Provenza: You can watch me get drunk.