True Blood Round Table: "Let's Boot and Rally"

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The search for Russell Edgington is over. Now will the real fun begin on True Blood?

Sunday's "Let's Boot and Rally" featured Sookie doing both the former and the latter, leading her three men in pursuit of The Authority's prime target. What were the main takeaways from the episode for Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Chris O'Hara, Leigh Raines, Jim Garner and Liz Henderson from

Read on. Find out. Chime in...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Sookie rarely received any funny material, so I'll hand it to her for her horror movie speech. It made me laugh and it fit in with the ridiculousness of the moment.

Chris: When Jessica talked to Tara while she tended bar at Fangtasia. I'm really enjoying this season's dedication to giving us a more in-depth look into the lives of these vampires, from the intense relationship between maker and progeny to the period of feeling alone and confused when one is first turned, as discussed by our two fanged femmes this week.

Leigh: I hate to be a copycat, but that scene between Jessica and Tara really was the best. Tara is scared and Jessica is the only other person she knows who can relate to her. I'm glad Jess reached out and told her all the good parts of being this thing that Tara so violently hated for years.

Liz: When Sookie took over the search party at the asylum while Eric and Bill wanted to dismiss her. I love watching Sookie become a strong female character this season.

Jim: Sookie's near hysterical laughing as she realized that THIS is her life, ending with: "A 3,000-year old vampire wants to drink my blood. MUST BE THURSDAY."

True Blood Round Table

Pick a side in their fight: Tara or Jessica?
Matt: Jessica all the way. For starters, Tara sucks. And, well... can that just be the end of my argument? Seriously, of all the fang bangers at the bar, why choose your new pal's recent ex?!?

Leigh: Jessica obviously. She had just extended an olive branch to Tara and Tara goes and feeds on her ex boyfriend? Not cool.

Chris: I have to go with Jessica. My series long crush aside, she has age and experience as a vampire on her side, and has tangled with other fangers before. Throw in her history with Hoyt and you have a recipe for some serious ferocity. Tara could lean on her brief MMA career... but in the end Big Red will prevail.

Liz: Jessica. She's older and needs to teach Tara the rules: Don't feed off your friends.

Jim: Jessica all the way! While she is wrong to be possessive of Hoyt while boinking Jason, she is the older, more experienced vamp!

So, Sookie and Alcide did NOT complete the deed: Happy or disappointed?
Matt: I gotta feel for Alcide on this one. Guys, who among us has NOT gotten a fairy drunk on 16 types of alcohol, only for her to vomit on our shoes and her previous, undead lovers to arrive at the door simultaneously to mock our efforts? It's embarrassing every time.

Leigh: Would I have liked to see more of Joe Manganiello? Yes. But who wants the first time sex they've been "waiting for" to be when you are dizzyingly drunk? That's the kind of thing for which they should both be present and non-vomitting.

Chris: While Alcide definitely deserved a good roll in the hay with Sookie, the hilarious manner in which their hook up session was brought to a halt gave all new meaning to the term coitus interruptus. Eric's deadpan line which followed, about how Alcide really knew how to treat a lady, was one of my favorites of the episode. 

Liz: I'm good with it either way. I didn't really have an opinion except that if it did happen I think Sookie would have been unhappy with herself in the morning.

Jim: Neutral on the deed, but I have to imagine with his canine nose her puking on his shoes was a major mood killer.

More disturbing scene: the burning of the bodies in Iraq, Jason in He-Man pajamas or Andy's bare backside?
Matt: Disturbing?!? Jason was flat out adorable! I almost walked up to my TV screen and tried to squeeze his cheeks. I had no similar desire to go near Andy's cheeks, however, as those (really) bad boys get this nod even over the scary sight of burned bodies.

Leigh: The Iraq scene was disturbing for sure. I feel like you can't even compare these three. Andy's ass is just an ass. Jason's pajamas were phenomenal and I loved that. The Iraq scene was a little too real for my taste (minus the smoke monster.) True Blood is an escape from reality and the war scenes were definitely not.

Chris: The Iraq scene was very disturbing, but it did produce the newest member of the Supes in the form of the Ilfrit, which was a bonus. I was so happy to see the Smoke Monster got another acting gig after the conclusion of Lost. Jason's He-Man PJ's were amazing. I sort of wished Andy had been wearing some - or anything - for that matter. He needs to start using the long arm of the law to grab some boxers at night before passing out on the couch.

Liz: Burning bodies. That was horrific.

Jim: Seriously? Those are our choices?!? One was a violation of human decency and the other happened in Iraq! Not a fair comparison really.

Is there another traitor within The Authority?
Matt: Yes, her name is Salome.

Leigh: Oh, there is TOTALLY another traitor within the authority. I don't trust Salome as far as I can throw her. I would also bet she's not the only one. Anyone think we might meet the infamous Lilith?

Chris: Bill made a great point when he forcibly asked Eric why Nora was still alive. Roman seems to be hiding something. While I don't think he is a "traitor," I think he knowingly turned a blind eye at some point to the Sanguinistas to perhaps garner support for his platform. Reminds me of the Pearl Harbor advance-knowledge conspiracy theory, which contends the government was aware of a possible threat prior to the attack on December 7, 1941, but did nothing so it would have something to rally public support for entering into the war. 

Liz: Yes, and I also name Salome.

Jim: Of course there is. They just the cleaned up the mess and we aren't to the end of the season yet. I'm also betting on Salome.


Speaking of Roman's killing of Drew...on an earlier episode it was said that turning children was a definite vampire how was it that Drew was a vampire???? Did I miss something???? Please enlighten me. Thanks.


Egotisti_Cal got a point about all the chancellors. Interesting. I found all the scenes with piled dead bodies disturbing as well.


Jessica is not that old of a vampire and when she was turned she wasn't strong either. Tara was turned by Pam who was turned by Eric who was turned by she possessed much strength than a normal human before she was turned so I'm sure she could hold up her own. I don't think vampire years only determines strength unless it's really significant amount of years. I think being a vampire more so enhances the qualities you already had. Jessica might have been a vampire longer, but Tara has been a fighter way longer than that. Not only that, I don't agree with Jessica getting mad like that. Hoyt asked for it plus she's not with Hoyt anymore. Hoyt is grown enough to make his own decisions. Plus Jessica went to Jason and that was Hoyt's best friend. If Jessica was that understanding like she showed in the beginning when she was talking to Tara, she wouldn't have jumped on Tara like that and tried to figure out why that was going on. Egotisti_Cal got a point about all the chancellors. =O I also find all the bodies both in the Iraq flashback and the asylum was really disturbing....


As for Nora's being alive I never really questioned it, I figured Roman would keep her around as long as he thought she could be pumped for information.


No Egotisti_Cal, I also did notice ;) In this little group everybody has a hidden agenda, and something to hide. But how in the world did Bill know Nora was still alive? And why is she? Given how fast Roman was with executing Drew that surprises me.


In regards to your traitor question, Am I the only one that noticed ALL the chancellors were suddenly uneasy in their seats while hearing about the traitor?? I have a sneaky suspicion that Roman is in this all by his lonesome :( Which is a shame because he's my favourite Vamp in the whole series (Russell would be a very very close second) Disturbing scene? How about the bodies of Russell's recuperation meal? Was amusing to see how cool Sookie took it though xD


I am okay with Jessica intervening because Tara looked like she was about to kill Hoyt. However if that wasn't the case because Jessica did whore her way to ruining a friendship (and still hasn't apologize to Hoyt for it which is why I think Hoyt is allow to feel as he is as Jessica pretty much used him and dumped him) and still continues to screw Jason, she has no leg to stand on to be teaching anyone the rules. Last time I check unless other partner is into sharing isn't it universal rule not to screw partner's friend.


I was so happy to see the Smoke Monster got another acting gig after the conclusion of Lost.
Made my day :D Funnier than any line in the last episode.

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