True Blood Round Table: "We'll Meet Again"

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From releases to life lessons, Makers dominated the most recent episode of True Blood. So did fairies. And one major make-out session.

In this edition of the True Blood Round Table, staff writers Matt Richenthal, Chris O'Hara, Jim Garner and Leigh Raines are joined by Liz Henderson of to break down "We'll Meet Again." Join them below and then sound off with your take on the following topics...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The drug-riddled fire fight in Iraq. It felt completely out of place, as I wrote about in my True Blood review, but at least it also felt different. There's only so much of Sookie crying, Bill pining and Tars seething that I can take.

Leigh: My favorite scene was actually Sookie getting drunk. It's about damn time she loosened up! I also liked her song "If you love makin love at midnighttttt, in a cemeteryyy."

Chris: The obvious answer has to be Eric and Pam’s separation, but for the sake of variety I'll go with when Jessica glamoured Andy. She continues to come into her own more and more each week. Bill was right to acknowledge how much she has grown, but has he really had that much to do with her development? She has figured out how to walk the walk for the most part on her own. I would even go as far as to say Pam has had more of an impact on Jessica’s maturation than Bill.

Liz: Same as Chris. Other than the obvious and popular Eric/Pam release, I loved when Bill told Jessica that he did well when he created her. I love how Jessica mirrors her Maker when she shows such passion in taking care of her friends.

Jim: Watching Bill an Eric with their offspring. They both have no illusions about how this is going to end.

True Blood Round Table

Sadder scene: Eric releasing Pam, the troops shooting those Iraqi civilians or Alcide's confession to Debbie's parents?
Matt: Alcide totally brought tears to my eyes and, for once, it wasn't due to jealousy over a body I'll never have. Debbie Pelt was all kinds of messed up, but I absolutely believed there was still love there and, come on, does it get more tragic than parents learning about the death of a child?

Leigh: I will say that the Iraqi scene, as it marked the first time I felt sympathy for Terry. That was some effed up stuff. It's hard to choose, all three scene were really well done. Joe Manganiello really sold it like Liz said and Eric and Pam are Eric and Pam, how can you not be sad?

Chris: Eric releasing Pam should have had everyone weeping tears of blood this week. Yes, he did it to protect her in the long run, but the emotional intensity of the moment was still so palpable, thanks to all the flashbacks we’ve been treated to disclosing their “story of us.”

Liz: Alcide, hands down. That was a great moment for Manganiello, and he totally sold the scene. Maybe it effected me more because the Eric/Pam thing was so expected. In the books Pam was already released by Eric before we even meet either if them.

Jim: Watching Anna Panquin try and act drunk. Seriously, couldn't they have just gotten her drunk?

Sookie and Alcide totally made out: Yay or nay?
Matt: Nay. Alcide just saved Sookie's rear end and her response was essentially "See, I knew you loved me! You're wrapped around my finger, wolfy!" Wouldn't exactly have been a turn on for me.

Leigh: YAY!!!! Sook needs to get down with someone who is warm-blooded. It will be a whole new experience for her. After seeing Magic Mike this weekend, I would so not mind being her. Not for a second.

Chris: Eh. With so many storylines now, Sookie has sort of fallen off my radar of interest for the moment. I rather enjoyed the Alcide scenes - sans Sookie - more than the others. I thought his semi-honest confession to the Pelts was a much more compelling part of the episode.

Liz: Uh, YAY! It's about time!

Jim: I'm happy for those who have been waiting for it. Hey, maybe he won't leave fang marks!

Worse idea: Betraying Roman or mixing all those different kinds of hard liquor into a single drink?
Matt: As the foot of my freshman year bed can attest to - and the bathroom stall in my freshman dorm, and that patch of grass behind that fraternity house - definitely the various kinds of hard liquor in one night.

Leigh: Honestly, Roman makes it pretty quick and painless. He'll whip that stake out and take you down in three seconds. Sookie is going to be hungover for DAYS. Sugary alcohol, ick!

Chris: Betraying Roman. Little Bieber boy had his Bad Idea Jeans on when he sent out that snuff film. The True Death may be a welcome solution, however, to the hangover one would get after a few of Sookie’s orange marzipans.

Liz: Of course betraying Roman. That being said, I can't help but suspect that little Alex was not the only one who betrayed the Authority. I'm very suspicious of Salome.

Jim: Roman scares me with or without blood on his face. I wouldn't betray him EVER.

Come up with a name for that fairy-based club.
Matt: Tinkerbell's. Duh.

Liz: Fae-tasia, a nice juxtaposition for Fangtasia.

Chris: Field of Dreams? Pixie Lust? Or in keeping with the tradition of club names being one word only, perhaps FAE would work?

Leigh: Hmmm, this is a toughie. Chris and Liz had great suggestions. I think I'll go with Chris on this and keep it trendy with just a monosyllable name: FAE.

Jim: All about the Faerytude.


Terry's scenes do nothing for me. I liked him exactly where they had him; a man who had gone through hello and come out softer for it, the opposite of the negative war vet stereotype. That was dimension enough for me... Every step they take beyond it just feels like overkill to me.
Alcide's scene with the Pelts struck me hard... It's easy to forget what he went through with Debbie. She was the girl he just couldn't let go of no matter how much she hurt him since he was 16. This is so relatable. Alcide is just a sweet simple guy who fell for a bad girl. Anyone who's been through it knows that HURTS.
Side note: are they ever gonna fully explain the significance of "abjuring" to us?
I am also very suspicious of Salome... And it makes me love her.


@Chris---Really? You think Jessica wiping the sheriff's memory [!!!] of a murder shows how much she has 'grown'? This disturbs me on so many levels.. @Liz--"I love how Jessica mirrors her Maker when she shows such passion in taking care of her friends." Oh dear. Does this include that time Bill let two psychos beat Sookie to within an inch of her life so he could pump her full of a mind altering substance? I'm becoming dumbfounded at how badly people are missing the point of this show.


This show has literally gone so downhill in 4 episodes, I can barely watch it anymore.


I cant say enough about my disgust for how the writers and producers refuse to develipe Tara beyond angry self hating black she devil. They drag her character through the mud and refuse to let up. All that is left is to shoot her in the head and...oh wait. They did that already. Portraying the black female this way is no mistake. it is intentional. And it ruins the entire show for me.

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