Who Will Jeanne Tripplehorn Play on Criminal Minds?

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As previously reported, Jeanne Tripplehorn has signed on as a Criminal Minds series regular.

Now, thanks to TV Guide, we have more intel on just what character the veteran actress will portray...

Jeanne Tripplehorn Picture

Tripplehorn will take on the role of a FBI linguistics expert named Alex Blake. Look for her to possess some history with Reid.

"People like Reid learned from [her]. She is also a professor at Georgetown and Reid has guest-lectured at her forensic linguistics class before," executive producer Erica Messer tells the magazine, adding of her personal life: "She is in a relationship. When you get your heroes involved romantically, it just changes the show so much. I feel pretty strongly about that as a rule."

Criminal Minds returns for Season 8 in September.

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I was really hoping for Reid to have a relationship this season. Garcia, Hotch, Rossi, JJ, and Morgan have all been dating or whatever except for Reid. I was hoping that him and Sever (or w.e her name was)were going to have something, no luck. Now this actress who is 17 years older than Matt Gubler...Paget leaving.....ah Im screwed


people people put some young actress please


I want prentiss!!!! No one else! I'm gonna stop watching! Its going to suck bad!


I AGREE! Morgan and Garcia need to get together, because I feel if they do break up they will end up like friends, but we need happiness. And her getting back with Kevin IS NOT happiness. Get Garcia and Morgan together!


"When you get your heroes involved romantically, it just changes the show so much. I feel pretty strongly about that as a rule" I'm a little sad...
I want Morgan and Garcia together so badly!!!


Sweet can not wait I wonder if she the little girl he talk about in season 7


cannot wait for s8!!!

Criminal Minds Quotes

Reid: Huh.
Morgan: What? You see something?
Reid: Encryption's a highly specialized skill set but it's fundamentally a mathematical process, which means the human process sometimes through technique can reveal where you learned it. I think I know where he learned how to do this.
Kate: Where?
Reid: Harvard. Which oddly enough isn't known for its advanced math program but it is known for one particular class. When you're good at math - good enough to get into Harvard - you take a math class called "Math 15". When you're better than that you take "Math 25", but when you're the best, the absolute best, you take "Math 55": Honors Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra. Graduates are immediately employed by the U.S. Government because they're too dangerous to work anywhere else. More specifically, they're employed at the NSA.

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