Alexa Chung to Guest Star on Gossip Girl

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British model, style icon and TV presenter Alexa Chung is set to guest star on Gossip Girl this fall, according to a new UK report. She was recently seen on the set in a blue, sailor-esque dress and heels (below).

The 28-year-old's role in Gossip Girl Season 6 is unclear, but we look forward to seeing what her new role might bring - whether she's playing herself or not. Any theories or ideas on that subject?

Share your comments on all things Upper East Side with us below and be sure to check back throughout the summer for casting news, rumors, discussion and Gossip Girl spoilers galore.


Alexa Chung on the New York City set of Gossip Girl.

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maybe the original gossip girl? It would be awsome,so many peaple, so little time to run!


I hope to God she a love interest for Chuck. Like if her and Chuck stayed together I wouldn't mind.


I've heard of her, i'd say she was pretty famous for someone appearing on gossip girl (born in the uk). She's with or was with the lead singer of the arctic monkeys and she hosted T4


I don't like her outfit and I've never heard of her (and I live in Europe and have spent 4 years in the UK) but she'll probably be playing herself like that "famous" new york couple from salon of the dead


Only one? Wouldn't help....
Winds must have been very calm when the picture was taken.


Hope they feed her a burger on set


Really could not care less about her being on it

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