Bunheads Review: Hold The Joe, Please

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The title of this week's Bunheads, "No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons," was about the opening of a new grocery story, if I'm not mistaken.

It wasn't even a direct quote, but it had something to do with the need for all the conveniences found in one store, as opposed to spending your entire day in 47 different quirky shops to accomplish the most mundane tasks. You know, things that the rest of us in the United States obviously take for granted, like getting stamps and a cup of coffee at the same time, all in under 10 minutes.

Be real. Nobody in their right mind is going to stand in line reading a book while some ass first plucks and then smells each individual coffee bean to brew the perfect cup. Ever. I don't care if one sip makes gold sprout out of your ears. You might stand in the line once, but in this fast-paced society the place would go under.

At the very least someone in line wold be rockin' a Kindle. Newspapers, paperbacks, textbooks and hardbacks? Not a Nook or a Kindle in sight. Other than the view outside of Hubbell's bedroom window, Paradise was not aptly named. 

Michelle & the Barista

Poor Boo. She finally found a boy who liked her and she liked him in return and her friends ruined it. I don't understand how she missed the signals of how hurt he was. To her credit, she kept trying and those signals waned. She couldn't catch a break, but Melanie had her back.

I was so happy when she laid into Ginny about liking Charlie! Ginny had the nerve to say that Charlie didn't like Boo back, but Melanie said it didn't matter, Boo still owned the rights. Awesome girlishness right there. For four girls who spend so much time together, their understanding of friendship is really lacking.

To make matters worse, when Boo went for it, inviting Carl to a private conversation and telling him how she felt, it looked like everything was going to work out. Until Ginny screamed out that she didn't like Charlie after all. She and Melanie started fighting among themselves, but Boo couldn't help herself and got caught up in it, leaving Carl to slink away, feeling used.

The bunheads are just too young for boyfriends (I say, ironically, as Ginny had an eight-year relationship by the age of 16).

Who knew the best thing that could happen to Sasha would be cheerleading? Not that she's all that great at it, or that she's making friends or influencing people. But she made a kick ass speech during the basketball game about lying to boys from a young age, making them think they could do anything when they really couldn't so when they got the real world all they wanted to do was drink, get fat and die of a stroke by 46. Considering the talented ballet students in Paradise, you'd think, logically, there might be some damn good cheerleaders in the area as well. How incredibly wrong you would be!

Next week is already the summer finale. Fanny churned out some great Bunheads quotes tonight, so I'm looking forward even more next week. Michelle might be playing with Godot (hot couple alert!). Who knows what the bunheads will be up to. It's all up in the air but now that I'm entertained again, I can't wait!!

Let's take a look at this week's pop culture references, and then hit the comments with your thoughts on tonight's episode.

  • Brad Pitt
  • Facebook
  • Anne Frank
  • Game of Thrones
  • Footloose
  • Dennis Rodman
  • 50 Shades of Grey (again!)
  • Moonstruck
  • Skype
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Kevin Bacon
  • Ed McMahon
  • Punky Brewster


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Simon LeBon reference!!!!!!!!


No question...this show has the Stars Hollow/Gilmore stamp on it...but it's and ASP production....would we expect anything less? It's great!!!! It has it's own little peronality, with a little bit of the old thrown in...I love when we see a Stars Hollow alum pop up! Kirk was the icing on the cake! Now, to see Babbette and Miss Patty...Babbette running down the street holding her large chest!! :) Michele has all of the qick banter down and that's an ASP trademark! Love it! Love Fanny! It's a cross betweenn Emily Gilmore, and an actual nice person! And the Bunheads are great!!! My nine year old daughter loves them!!! Paradise has so much potential and ABC family is the network to give it a chance! The show fills the hole that was cut so short five years ago when Gilmore was canceled. Thank you ASP! You have done it again!


I agree with everyone saying Michelle & Godt should not be together- no chemistry(I didn't like her with play writer dude- no chemistry)and he's too young for her and I doubt she's ready for a relationship-she cried about Hubble after sex with play writer guy.


1. Michelle and Godot-not feeling it. I liked him as a love interest/crush for the girls. Not Michelle.
2. Fanny was annoying me this week. She does realize that she is the adult in the Sasha situation no matter how wrong/annoying Sasha is. How does someone like this work with children/teenagers?
3. Ginny/Carl/Boo- I am little annoyed that Boo is the only person that gets to have a love interest. But I am routing for Carl. Charlie does not like her and don't you have to at least go on one date with a person to have reservation rights?


I just loved Sean Gunn in this episode, it was such a good reference to Gilmore Girls, and I could just imagine Kirk doing exactly the same thing, and the whole calling one of the dads mom thing was so funny, just like cat and human kirk.
Boo has always been my fave character but tonight I think that changed to Mel after the way she treated poor Carl.


poor boo?!?! POOR CARL!!!


Casey J Adler is wonderful as Carl. I liked the character immediately and rooted for him and Boo. Hope that TPTB are wise enough to keep him around next season as I loved his work and the SL for Boo/Carl. I don't understand how Ginny can be with Josh for 8 years and have zero feelings of loss or regret over a out-of-nowhere-crush on Charlie, so again I hope the character Josh is brought back next season so that Ginny and his SL can be fleshed out more. I find it much more interesting that he inexplicable attraction to Charlie. As for Michelle & bar guy? Ewww. All the girls she teaches and mentors had a crush on him too and that gives this an extra "ick" factor. I liked her better with the play writer. There's no chemistry with Bar Guy and let's face it, it's kinda of creepy. I've loved this season of Bunheads. Hoping the writers will not let go of some of the great actors this season and continue those SLs when it returns for S2!


Continued... And Fanny is a real trip, especially as a foil for Michelle. I wish that Michelle had been successful in getting Sasha back to the dance studio, but I think it is hilarious that she bummed all the other cheerleaders out at the basketball game. She is the 'existential' cheerleader, and I loved her and Michelles critique of the cheerleaders jumping...very amusing.
I hope that Michelle and surfer dude have a nice hot affair, because she should be out there having affairs and dating, instead of just spending all her time with Fanny or the bunheads. She needs to set down roots in Paradise, which she will only do if she finds some townie to love.


I think everyone is using that awful 50 Shades of Grey as a reference these days, because the book is ubiquitous, even for people who haven't read it (and don't want to) but know what it is about (synopsis of the book are everywhere, and so are reviews full of spoilers, so even if you haven't read it, you'd know all about it after a few minutes on the internet).
That said, I was prescient in saying last week that I'd like to see more characters like Kirk or the guy who played Rory's last boyfriend on Bunheads. And there he was, Kirk in all his craziness, as a "coffee artist" barista. Amy SP certainly knows her quirky characters in small towns! I still miss Miss Patty and her gossipy gang and Luke, Lorelai and Rory, of course, but I am growing to like these Paradise people as replacements. Sutton isn't as pretty as Lauren Graham, of course (not as curvy and Graham didn't have a weak chin) but she is at least as charming and witty, which is great. And Fanny is a real trip, especially as a foil for Michelle. I wish that Michelle had been successful in getting Sasha back to the dance studio, but I think it is hilarious that she bummed all the other cheerleaders out at the basketball game. She is the 'existential' cheerleader, and I loved her and Michelles critique of the cheerleaders jumping...very amusing.


Can't wait to see what happens with Michelle and Godot next week! Love Nathan Parsons!A better ep, but there's still way too much going on, they need to find a little focus on the show.

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Bunheads Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Fanny: And you realize that's how every great performer made it, by waiting quietly.
Michelle: Oh you know what I mean.
Fanny: I'm sure when Brad Pitt was starting out he just sat at home, waiting for people to find him.

Oh please, vibrate still makes that annoying buzzing sound everyone hears even though we're supposed to pretend we can't hear it.