Covert Affairs Review: Spy Friends

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Who doesn't love them some Eyal?  

That's right, Oded Fehr returned to Covert Affairs for a guest appearance in "This is Not America." His charm and obvious chemistry with Piper Perabo made the hour much more entertaining than it would have been without him.

There were a couple of really fun moments between Eyal and Annie, including what I like to call a game of "Good potential employer/Bad potential employer." Not only did that moment make for an interesting dynamic between them and their new target, Isaac, but it also showed the different layers to the relationship.

Annie in Israel

They're acquaintances. Sometimes they are partners. They've had some intimate moments. Early on in this mission it was announced that they are officially "friends." All of that could have made things extremely awkward when Eyal revealed that he was evaluating her for the department, but like the rock that she is, it didn't seem to faze Annie.

She kept on keeping on, as the two of them continued on the mission, and they even had time to watch a bit of Eyal's son's soccer practice. It showed her that he isn't just this free wheeling spy without a care in the world. Eyal has things, and people, holding him back as well. It's moments like that that probably make Annie feel better about being a spy and having such close relationships with folks.

After the mission is completed, following a couple of great chase scenes through the streets of Israel and one dude getting flat out demolished by a van, Eyal shares some documents with Annie. He wasn't supposed to, but he did so anyway.

The folder was filled with pictures of not only Simon, but also Annie WITH Simon. What was her first move after that? Of course to call Simon and ask "Can I see you?"

Thankfully, we were given that bridge to the main arc of this third season at the very end of the hour, because without it "This is Not America" was feeling very much like what we didn't want to see happen after the promising premiere. We were given a new mission, a guest star of the week and both Annie and Auggie were back working in the DPD.

The status quo has kind of returned, unfortunately, but on the bright side, it doesn't feel like things will stay here for very long. With Simon still on Annie's mind, Lena definitely still in the picture, Auggie in therapy and Arthur potentially heading to the Far East, it isn't the same ole same ole on Covert Affairs.

Auggie being in therapy could lend itself to some hilarious situations, and based on the fact that Daniella Alonso of Friday Night Lights and One Tree Hill is his therapist, he probably isn't done with treatment just yet. If we get at least one moment per episode where he does something as great as his grand entrance mentioning that Alonso's character shouldn't mistake his return for growth, we will be in for a treat.

Arthur's situation, on the other hand, could get dicey quickly. He revealed that he was on the short list for becoming the Ambassador to China, and he also found a job in the east for Joan. Wait... what? You started finding jobs for your wife without even telling her about the situation first?

Uh oh, Arthur. This may be the biggest pickle Peter Gallagher has found himself in since he Ryan Atwood punched out yet another local kid at some Newport Beach event.

With Arthur and Auggie facing new challenges, and Annie on her way back to getting mixed up with Simon again, interesting things seem to be ahead on Covert Affairs. What did you think of this hour's events? Was it one of your favorite episodes? Or did it fall a bit flat? And what was your favorite moment from "This is Not America?"


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I am not liking the show this season. Very happy that the cold faced hyper masculine woman (can't remember her name) is out of the picture but Annie's new behavior is not good. Why do we need more romance in a show that is about espionage? The Good Wife was good until she became a cold, dark sex nut like her husband. I also think that adding a bunch of new characters adds too much complxity at the expense of the story line. True Blood is now just a campy mess with weird boring characters who stand around and talk. If the writers of Covert Affairs are bored and struggling for ideas they should remember the original focus of a formerly highly entertaining show. Change is not always good.


I to think Annie is full of herself. She needs to be knocked down a few notches. I'm glad she is back in her old department. The boss was having her taking chances and not giving her direction. Sure it gave her a lot of freedom but at her own expense and experience.
As for the men in her life, give us something, a crumb or two between Auggie and Annie, so he is aware she is interested.


According to Entertainment Weekly, Eyal will be back in the fall season as well.
Can't wait!
"Oded Fehr will be back! “He’ll be in the summer season and we’ll see him a lot in the fall season as well,� reveals executive producer Chris Ord."


I totally agree that Eyal (Oded Fehr) should become a regular.
He and Annie have great chemistry and play off each other well.


Eyal and Annie have a billion more times chemistry than simon and annie. I dont no if its just me but ive seen no chemistry between simon and annie what so ever so i really really hope and pray this whole simon mission isnt a season long thing because there scenes together are so boring i find myself skipping.


@R - I agree. Annie this season seems a bit full of herself. This last episode is the proof of that. This is really dangerous, because a spy can never be careful enough and being full of herself does not help her at all. And yes, she has feelings for Simon.


You know - when Auggie and Annie aren't in scenes together, I never think about them being together. I think that it's still too soon for them to get together. I personally love Annie and Eyal...they have great chemistry.
I don't undrestand what Annie is doing with Simon? Does she think she is still playing him? I think she's lying to herself a little about not having any feelings for him.
Annie this season seems a bit full of herself. Especially with the previews for next week. She thinks she can do anything and is always right.
It's a bit annoying.
Why does every new person that comes on the show have to look like a model? Why can't Auggie's therapist just be a normal looking therapist?


They need to make Eyal a series regular!He is such a great character and they can do so much with him..He would make an excellent addition and even if he and Annie don't get romantic they still would have the chemistry to keep people tuning in. Oded Fehr is amazing!!


I love annie and eyal and I would totally ship them hard if they ever went there.Im an annie and auggie fan but until they get to that point I would love annie and eyal to get together.They have the BEST chemistry!!


Dear god, Annie is such a Mary Sue. Might as well kill her off and start over.

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Annie: What about this job makes it perfect for you?
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