Dexter Season 7 Guest Stars: First Look!

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There's trouble ahead on Dexter Season 7. Based on the final scene of Season 6, this doesn't exactly come as a surprise.

But the challenges facing our favorite serial killer will not simply come in the form of what Deb now knows about her brother. He'll also face obstacles and storylines created by such guest stars as Yvonne Strahovski, Ray Stevenson and Jason Gedrick.

These actors will come on board this fall as a mysterious woman named Hannah, a Russian mob member named Isaak and a strip club owner named George, respectively.

Click through the following images to get your first look at the new characters and then remember to circle September 30 on your calendar and set your DVR...

Yvonne Strahovski as Hannah
Dexter and a Hand
Dexter and Debra
Ray Stevenson and Jason Gedrick on Dexter
Miami PD at Work

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great show deb is the best female guest stars incredible cant wait 4 sunday nite


Me too lovely piece of work, no peeevs (except that I'm not from Sydney), and all wordplay eventually clear. I did have what looked like a good fit for 15D but couldn't work out the why' for a while; then when others seemed to love it I looked again and realised I'd had the second letter wrong).Gold clues: 14A, 19A, 5D, 15D.


Please leave my favorite show on! It's the only reason I have Showtime! I watch every show that comes out, then I tape them to watch whenever I want again! Great show ans cast!! Love love love this show!!!


I really hope that this season pulls it's weight. Last season was by far the worst and I already know that if this season introduces a romantic relationship for Dex and Deb that this show has literally ruined itself.

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