Drop Dead Diva Review: Fake It Till You Make It

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Okay, I'm sensing a trend here. On previous episodes of Drop Dead Diva on which Kim Kardashian guest starred, she deliberately poked fun at herself. Remember when she referenced a 72-day marriage?

"Picks and Pakes," meanwhile, opened with a debate on Nancy Grace about celebrities' privacy. A point was argued that "once you're in the public eye, you can't ask the public to turn a blind eye." Interesting way to open an episode that is featuring someone people often bitch about as being famous for being famous.

Jane's On Nancy Grace

Honestly, I don't give a flying fart if Kim Kardashian is on the episode or not. Truly, I'm apathetic. The guest star that had me fan-girling all over myself? Dylan Walsh! For those of you unfamiliar with his work as Sean McNamara, one half the sexiest doctor duo of all time, please add Nip/Tuck to your Netflix queue. I promise, the other half of that duo is even more enticing. 

It's no wonder old Jane used to be obsessed with him! I love when Jane had her little zaps of intelligence on television. I find it an endearing quality and it appears that Owen does as well. I'm fully on team Owen at this point and super happy these two are reunited.

Another WTH moment? Kim Kaswell is preggers? I didn't see that one coming! Assuming that it is Parker's baby, he went from having zero kids to two in a single season. I can only hope he'll be as psyched about this news as he was about Jane accidentally knocking Grace in the face on live television. Black eye or not, that TV appearance led to Jane joining Larry's team on a huge case.

Last week I felt like the case was very relevant to societal trends right now. This case seemed very on the money as well. Gone are the decades when women smoked a cigarette while nine months pregnant, before the doctor knocked her out and delivered her baby. (True story by the way.) Pharmaceuticals are a hot topic, so this was a huge case. When Jane realized that something was up with Larry and he wasn't completely there, Owen encouraged her to use to ol' fake it to you make it strategy.

That was a super risky move to pretend you have a document in order to get a confession, but luckily it worked like a charm. So did Grayson's idea of having a pake-off. By the way, hey Star Jones. Jeez, could they have jam packed one more guest star this week? If you're going to be a patent troll at least do your homework! What a moron.

Two weeks until the big wedding day. Are you guys ready? What did you think of this week's episode? And yes Jane's client was totally Daphne from True Blood season two. Hit the comments! 


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Kim previously thought she was pregnant with Grayson's kid but it was a false alarm. Now I think it's Parker's and someone said she had mentioned it before and was trying to find a way to tell Parker. Still trying to figure out when she apparently mentioned it...Can Parker and Kim please get back together?! and Kim Kardashian can go back to her own shows...SICK OF HER!


I think it was in season 2 with Grayson, she thought she was pregnant. After that the exact episode... probably eps 2-4...


OMG !!!! I loved the episode ! I really want Jane and Owen to be together but what I just saw at the end of the episode makes me worry !
That lawyer was just WOW ! And Jane deserved what he said about her, as they were an INCREDIBLE team ! And yup, that was Daphne lol, and Bridget (The Bold and the Beautiful) and Megan (The Young And The Restless) looool.
The Pake-off was just that good ! Brilliant ! BUT Stacy girl, that cutie, I'm so glad she's going to the wedding with him. Their scene was soooo nice I had had to rewind lol. I just loved it ! I want more of them !
Kim preggers ! er... Helloooo ! WTH !


I am torn between Jane's love for Grayson and her love for Owen. I like both of them, myself. Not having seen the finale, I think her kiss from Grayson in her wedding gown will probably be a dream like she has often had. But I do love her relationship with Owen too. Just promise us one thing, please, can we possibly keep Kim Kardashian off this show? I am so sick of her. Enuf already.... I guess my question is "Will this show have a new season, or is it over?" I hope it goes on because I really love it.


I love Kim!!! I don't remember when she had mentioned she was pregnant before...? Does anyone remember what episode she mentioned she was pregnant?


Not to defend the scummy patent troll, but...if he really had a patent on the pake (which is a whole other issue - IRL you don't just apply for a patent & get one like buying something in a store, it's a long process and the patent office has to search to see if your idea has been done before....)IRL patent law, to show Stacy's pakes infringed his patent, he would NOT have to actually show (a) that he personally knows to bake a pake or (b) that he has ever baked a pake. You can get a patent on something you've never built or used, as long as your patent has enough info in it for someone else to make/build it or use it. Arguably, his Pake patent had that, and if it did not (for example, if it did not include the crucial info about how to bake the crust before the cake part), then the judge could have found the patent to be invalid. The person who sues can merely own the patent, does not have to be an inventor. Look at the big Samsung v. Apple case - no one was building iphones on the spot in court. His patent also likely was invalid because it named a sole inventor (him) who did not actually invent. Again, Stacy would win, but she would not "win" a patent. She still would have to apply for one. Seeing more & more chemistry between Jane & Owen & wondering how the "Deb" in Jane could still see Grayson as Jane's soulmate, too. There does not seem to be a point. Even "Deb" didn't seem to be as happy with Grayson when she was alive...


Kim Kaswell mentioned in a previous episode that she was pregnant, don't you all remember? I do! I remember because she can't seem to find a good time to tell Parker, who is definetly the father. I loved that Stacy did a Pake-Off with that slimebag patent troll, who certainly got his come-uppance! And I am thrilled that Jane and Owen are doing so well together, especially since her guardian angel Luke is pretty much a wash as any kind of help...he seems too focused on himself and his love life, and yet, every time his character hits the screen, my gaydar goes PING! And the sneak peek showed us Grayson going for a kiss at Jane's wedding, which would really hack me off, as she deserves to be with someone who has been there for her and loves her just as she is! Grayson can just go find himself some other thin bimbo to love!


One thing I like about this show is that all the d-bag guest stars are somehow playing d-bags on the show. Kim K played a con artist who cheats Stacy out of her savings, LeAnn Rimes played a murderer who tries to implicate her ex-husband for the crime, the Dance Moms lady plays a lying, vengeful witness etc. Kim's child has to be Parker's, she hasn't dated anyone else in between, I hope her and Parker finally become a couple. Why is Luke so hell-bent on dating humans? Didn't Fred break a lot of rules when he fell for Stacy? I'm shipping Jane with Owen too! No follow-up on Greyson's new girlfriend, the artist?


Jane's client was also Brigitte from the Bold & the Beautiful LOL!! Good to see her. I also enjoyed this episode but I have one gripe. What happened to Grayson's feelings for Jane??! It's like it just disappeared! I guess I'm secretly hoping that something comes out and Grayson finally tells Jane how he feels. I will be very disappointed if they dont wrap up that storyline...

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