Grey's Anatomy Rumor: Mer's House For Sale?

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Is someone's home about to be put up for sale this fall on Grey's Anatomy?

Specifically, is Meredith Grey on the verge of moving out and moving on?

That's the rumor set off by a Tweet from William Keck of TV Guide:

GA Tweet

What do you think? Is it Meredith? Or someone else?

Why do you think she (or whomever it might be) is making the move in today's real estate market? Sound off on this and other Grey's Anatomy spoilers you'd like to discuss below!

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I am not sure Meredith will be moving to Boston, is that in the best interest of Derek to find a new job when he clearly won't be able to use his hand (at least for a while - confirmed by Shonda). So maybe they are just gonna move in the Dream House, and sell Ellis' house


Either selling Mark apartment or it's April, Jackson and Alex getting their own place (remember earlier this season? They'd been discussing). Also wouldn't be surprised if Owen is selling the fire house-turned-house now that Cristina is (temporarily) gone. Hopefully it is not Mer selling the frat house. Personally I think there is too much upheaval in her life as it is so I doubt now is the time to sell her place. There are lots of possibilities with a realtor, though.


I'm not gonna trust Keck cuz he is also insinuating the PPP is doing a musical EP. It could also be that Derek is selling his McHouse so they can move to Boston so Mer can go to Bringham.


Perhaps they're selling Mark's apartment? Regardless of whether or not he lives or dies, his apartment will most likely be vacant and up for grabs. My guess is that Callie would offer to take care of all things Mark after his departure. Speaking of which, Callie/Mark fans better get a hell of a goodbye!

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