Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Wedding in the Works: Who's Getting Hitched?

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Here's a quality Grey’s Anatomy teaser for you: Someone's getting married!

Creator / executive producer Shonda Rhimes revealed today that the upcoming ninth season of the medical drama will find one of the show’s couples exchanging nuptials. Cue excitement and speculation!

“We are going to have a wedding this season,” she said. “But that’s all I’m going to say.”

Jackson, Alex, April

By virtue of having already walked down the aisle (or at least over to city hall), it's likely safe to cross Meredith and Derek off the list of candidates, along with Cristina and Owen and Arizona and Callie.

Bailey and Ben? Jackson and April? Richard and Catherine, if Adele takes a turn for the worst and he remarries? Not that far-fetched. Alex and ... someone? He's finding true love this season, supposedly.

We welcome your theories, comments and votes on this exciting mini-spoiler below!

Who do you think is getting married on Grey's Anatomy in Season 9?

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Why not merder they haven´t had an actuall wedding yet,they haven´t followed their post it rules that well and it happend a lot after that wedding and after the civil wedding,it could be something like "a light at the end of the tunnel "


I don't think its Ben n Bailey that Shonda's refering to. Chanda Wilson already divulged the tid bit about her n Ben getting married this season. So, for me at least, since Shonda's trying to be so vague about it I just don't think its BnB alone who end up tying the knot.


Who is Tbd?


probably ben and bailey


It COULD be April and Jackson if she turns up pregnant from their one night together. Didn't Ben take a job someplace else?


Yeap...It's probably Ben and Bailey. But i'd love to see April and Jackson getting married.


It was already announced a few weeks ago that Ben and Baily would get married, so I don't think it's gonna be anyone else.


Ben and Bailey should get blessed by Calazona and the weddingplanner is the oportunity for Derek's to start a new job as a wedding coordinator. LOL


I would like April and Jackson to marry as well, but I've got the feeling it'll be Bailey and Ben.


I thik it's Bailey and Ben, but I hope it's Jackson and April..

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