Hawaii Five-0 Season 3: First Trailer!

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Someone will die on the second episode of Hawaii Five-0 Season 3. The official CBS description for that October 1 installment has already given as much away.

But how will Steve McGarrett react to the return of his mother? How will Christine Lahti's character find herself in crossfire on the September 24 premiere? Those are two of the question teased in the first trailer for upcoming episodes.

Click Play now to watch new footage from the season ahead and let the countdown begin. We return to the action-packed island life in under a month...

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I cannot belief a mother leaves her son alone for about 20 years. I would hate het for that.


Isn`t it Kono in the background when the camera turns around Steven at 0:34 ?


Jen....I don't recall telling you how to feel. My point was, (and by the way I did not point anybody out) all the questions aren't answered yet, thats the point. People are complaining because they don't know one thing or the other. We all have questions, they aren't going to answer them in a promo. Thats the whole idea of a cliff hanger. Unless they published the script and I missed it, how does anyone know? Give them a chance to answer the questions, then complain. I guarantee all the answers won't be in the first episode either. There have comments by others that have said season 3 will be just as bad as season 2. How do they know? I don't believe in crystal balls.


Please don't tell me how I should feel. If you think a storyline full of plot holes is good entertainment then good for you, but I'd like something a bit more intriguing and believable. I'm hoping the writers will surprise me and come up with something better than "I did it to protect you" as that seemed to be the sole explanation Joe White came up with last season. Linda.
I agree that Wofat was probably a bad ass even in his youth, but why was Moma McG hiding from him all these years if he didn't even know who she was, thats the confusing bit.


How can you tell from one line in the promo that the whole story was told. This is going to go on for a while, we aren't going to get all the answers at once. Of course she is going to say she did it to protect her family, as did John McGarrett, no shock there. Mama McG's choice probably does not make sense to us in the real world, but this is a TV program. It's entertainment, you have the right to like it or not, but don't think that all choices in a TV show are going to make sense to you. If you are entertained is that not what you watch TV for? It's going to be a great season, for the millions of people who don't pick everything apart.


Jen, Wo Fat would have been a badass even in his twenties, and he now knows who to seek revenge against for killing his father.
Doris McGarrett's reasons for faking her death seem pretty lame, especially
for adult offspring. She also looks too good for someone who has been on the run for twenty years.
If the concept doesn't work, the character should be in minimal episodes.


How did pretending to be dead protect her family. I was really hoping the writers would come up with a better explanation than that. How was she hiding from Wofat if he didn't even know who she was. He would have only been in his twenties back then, how could he have been such a threat. Why didn't Joe and his SEAL team take Wofat out years ago. Why didn't moma McG not tell her kids when they were adults, how was she protecting them. Steve almost died in Korea because of her so her answer "I did it to protect my family" seemed very lame.I hope there is more to it than this, otherwise it seems that Steve is far too forgiving.
It sure seems easy to get out of American jails.


Oh man I got chills down my neck wow


Fasten your seat belts guys!


Holy S***! - This is Epic!

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