Lost Girl Review: Sacrifices

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With a war brewing between the Fae and the Garuda sacrifices were made in "Truth and Consequences." There were heartbreaking decisions, but ultimately our beloved characters made the right choices.

In order to win the Fae-Garuda war, the players realized that working together was paramount. Bo's decision to dagger The Glaive was instantaneous, but she knew that they couldn't afford to have a high ranking Fae working with the enemy. And, while she thought that The Glaive had a second heart, she couldn't have known for sure.

Bo Must Neutralize a Fae

With the capture of The Glaive, Bo also proved her loyalty to Lachlan in the fight against The Garuda. The side was further strengthened by Hale's decision to call for a parley between Trick and Lachlan. Fortunately (for now), Hale's slip of the tongue revealed Trick's true identity of The Blood King to Lauchlan.

Lauchlan went from discounting his meeting with a barkeep to kneeling before Trick. A pleasant shift to witness. With The Ash and The Blood King teamed up against The Garuda, they are much stronger. Hale made an important decision to bring them together instead of working with each of them separately.

While those decisions did not pull at the heart strings, the other two hurt to watch. Ever since Nadia awakened from her coma, she has not been normal. Her initial clinginess made sense, but her anger and snooping was well beyond human. We finally got confirmation of what was assumed, Nadia was possessed by The Garuda.

Possessed-Nadia's knife attack on Lauren did not make much sense in the big picture. Why would The Garuda want Lauren dead? Or, perhaps it was just a reaction to the anger generated by The Garuda. Ultimately, the only way to save Nadia was to kill her. While painful, Bo did the correct thing by stabbing her. Nadia confirmed that by saying, "Thank you" with her dying breath.

Bo's immediate departure from the situation was a bit surprising. Will Lauren understand why Bo did it? Or, will Nadia continue to be a block between them? I could see it going either way. Lauren is going to need support to get over Nadia's death and she loves Bo; this situation could draw them closer than ever or push them apart.

The other heartbreaking decision came from Kenzi. I have not been been a fan of Nate and was surprised he stayed with Kenzi after she sabotaged his recording contract, but he stuck with her.

She loved him, but had to make a choice between her boyfriend and her best friend. A lose-lose situation.

Kenzi would probably have been happy if she ran off with Nate. They could have gotten married, had kids and a normal non-Fae infested life, but there would have been a unfillable hole in her heart. Kenzi made the only decision she could by staying with Bo. They have a connection that is much more than a romantic love -- family.

Kenzi chose a dangerous path, but it was what she had to do. She never would have forgive herself if something happened to Bo and she was not there. Regardless of whether Kenzi helps or hurts Bo in her fight against The Garuda, they will stand firm together. Their love for each other is stronger than anything, while Kenzi is sure to find romance again.

This was the episode I have been waiting all season to see. There was solidarity in the fight against The Garuda and it was not without sacrifice. The team is stronger now than ever. The only improvement would be if Dyson returned on his motorcycle to add his strength to the mix. But, only if he is over his angst.


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Again, this isn't about Kenzi. No one is "demeaning the Kenzi scene". It was out of character that Bo left Lauren on her own to deal with the fallout, period. She could have stayed if only to demonstrate care and support and went home afterwards. She didn't even know Kenzi would be home so it was about her being a coward and that is out of character when we are talking about someone Bo supposedly "loves". Kenzi is Bo's family, yes, but Bo is all Lauren has.


LucyK--you are right, Bo didn't know that Kenzi was at home and needed her when she left, but she did when she got there. And you can look at how or why she left in whatever way you want. But Bo did turn to Kenzi for comfort and that isn't OOC. Kenzi is Bo's family, her best friend, of course if she was upset she would go to Kenzi--who else would she turn to? The talk with Kenzi wasn't "about boys." There was a lot of sacrifice and torment and loyalty in that conversation. So maybe the writers took a shortcut to get there and that is one of a million things about Nadia's death that are annoying, but don't demean the Kenzi scene because the plot was ridiculous from the start.


I agree it was insensitive and out of character but maybe that is the point. There is only 3 episodes left - maybe those were signs of Bo's inner, darker self taking over. We don't know what Bo is capable of yet but we've seen her wiping a room because Lauren was in danger. Here she killed a human impulsively because said human attacked Lauren. Whatever happens, I hope Bo and Lauren get through it. I think this is actually going to bring them closer together and they are going to take comfort in one another.


Bo didn't know what Kenzi had sacrificed for her. This isn't about Kenzi. This is about Bo acting insensitive and out of character. Lauren is someone Bo supposedly loves. She killed Lauren's girlfriend and left the scene like a coward would, leaving Lauren to clean the mess on her own. Her being in "shock and horror" won't cut it. I for one only wish it had been a bad dream sequence. Everything about this episode was wrong.


Lisa, are you insinuating it was a bad dream sequence? :) Yes, I think we have to believe that. But if you want to think of it as left Lauren to say goodbye in private (or ran out in shock and horror), then went home to her support structure and best friend to commiserate about loss, you can if it makes you feel better. Kenzi hurt and left her great love to stick by Bo and put herself in harm's way in someone else's fight, if you want to reduce that to "talking about boys" it does diminish Kenzi's sacrifice and the impact of the scene.


Are we supposed to believe Bo killed Nadia, left Lauren on her own to deal with the fallout and went home to Kenzi to talk about boys? Ok. The good news is that Nadia is FINALLY gone so now Bo and Lauren can be together.


Lauren is nice but Bo & Dyson light up the screen. Give Lauren a new girlfriend & give Bo Dyson back! For me Lauren with Bo is boring!


Despite being a fan of the Lauren character, I found this episode clumsily written. Nadia had a target on her back from the get go and although pleased to see her actually go, I thought the pains they went to, to absolve Bo from any responsibility for Nadia's death (although paying what I imagine was supposed to be Doccubus fan service by having Bo save Lauren) made a real hash of a scene where Nadia's asking to be killed and Lauren can't and asks Bo. Then Bo leaves to have a boyfriend talk with Kenzi. Ludicrous.


I loved this episode. It was so sad. I loved the Lauren/Bo/Nadia scenes and the Bo/Kenzi scenes as well. I think Lauren asked Bo to kill Nadia because it was killing her to see Nadia suffer. Bo didn't really want to do it, but then Nadia attacked Lauren, and she was defending her because of her love for Lauren.

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