Meet the New Grey's Anatomy Nazi ... Meredith?!

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We've seen dark and twisty Meredith Grey for the better part of eight seasons, and even had a brief, bizarro look at bright and sunny Meredith Webber during an alternate-universe installment ("If/Then") in February.

Now get ready for an entirely new side to the ABC drama's title character: Nazi Meredith.

"She's definitely angry at the beginning of the season," Ellen Pompeo tells TV Guide.

"She's angry about all the stuff that happened, so she's teaching her interns and she's really mean to them. It's an homage to the first Dr. Grey, Meredith's mother, who is the first bitch surgeon."

"I get to channel Kate Burton and be mean."

Sunny Meredith

Guess this helps answer the question of how Meredith responds to Lexie's death and the plane crash trauma that will no doubt impact the surgeons long after their rescue in the forest.

Will it end well, though? Is Nazi Meredith a brief phase, or a sign of a darker turn for the character over the long haul? Comment below with your thoughts on this and all things Grey's Anatomy ...

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I cant wait to see this.


I hope that "naziness" won't ruin her relationships with Derek, Zola and her friends. That would be seriously awful. That aside, i think it's gonna be awesome to see her teaching interns & residents. Especially when she acts like Nazi 2.0. I still can't believe they're all attendings now. I've been waiting for this since Cristina met her interns in the season 4.


I hope its just a phase.
I like my Meredith dark and twisty and Happy so i hope this Nazi mere is just a phase


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I really think it's gonna be just a phase like how Derek's speeding was a way of dealing with what happened in the shooting. There's a new spoiler that everything that happened will bring MerDer more closer so this will be only towards the interns. So glad Mer will be showing lots of reaction, and Shonda didn't make her all fine like in the past.


Mer's sister died in a plane crash, Mer's husband doesn't have a career anymore. Mer's person has told Mer she doesn't that position anymore, so I don't blame Mer being angry. The interns will moan about Mer and not understand where all the anger has come from.
I won't be happy if Mer is angry towards DerZola. That would be tooo much :(


OMG, I'm excited to see how this plays out especially if she starts turning into her mother and it starts to affect Derek and Zola...


I think it's just a phase. I'm pretty sure Cristina will leave and that will just add to let's anger. Lexi did show mer how to be happy and mer was used to being her big Sis and protecting her so she has a good reason to be mad. Also mer has to tell thatcher and we all know their relationship. I bet it will be funny watching her with her interns but I don't think she'll be as harsh as her mom or Cristina. I wonder how Bailey will feel about mer taking her title? I bet bailey is gonna talk to her sometime in the season about her anger and after mer is gonna breakdown in front of bailey.


This is gonna be fun :)))


Did I miss something. Where is all the hype for a new season. Since when do seasons start in Sept. Where are all the promos Since when did we know that Kim Raver was not returning? And Mark is not coming back This is season 9 people! ER was on for 12 seasons. This should be one of the best seasons.
I posted here before I would like to buy all the seasons on DVD please let me know where I could get them at a good price

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