Rookie Blue Review: Back to Basics

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Rookie Blue was all about "The Rules" and even though everyone tried to get back to basics, nothing felt secure at Division 15. It's been a month since Jerry's funeral and it looked like everyone was still having trouble moving on.

Well, maybe Sam is the exception because he certainly didn't seem to be having any problem moving on from Andy. He called her over with a smile on his face and Andy's eyes shone with such hope that it almost hurt. I couldn't believe he had the nerve to ask her for the keys to his truck back. What a jerk!

Those keys meant something to Andy.  Even though Sam never said he loved her, the day he shared the keys to his precious truck, it appeared to mean he was making a serious commitment to the two of them as a couple.  The message Sam was sending now was that they were truly over.

Nick & Andy Find Trouble

That's what led Nick to find a tearful Andy in their squad car and I felt sympathy for Nick in that moment. What guy wants to deal with a teary eyed partner all day?

But Nick really manned up. Not only did he do everything he could to make Andy smile, he also became her breakup buddy. 

Of course it looked like Nick had the knack for making girls smile. Did you see Gail's face on their drive into work? She had a grin she couldn't wipe off if she tried. Apparently Nick has been driving her back and forth to work since she returned after her abduction. Very sweet. The guy earned major points with me in this episode.

However Luke, I'm still iffy about.  When he first pushed Traci to either get back to her detective training or bow out, it came across as his only concern was lightening his workload. 

Traci should get back to her training. She's put so much time and effort into it but I could understand her apprehension. Everything about that job revolved around Jerry. Being in that role again will only heighten her sense of loss, at least for a while.

Then Luke made her see that she had the instincts of a detective and I think she needed to hear that from someone, especially now that Jerry is gone.

But my favorite moment with Luke was when he told Sam he needed to stop being an idiot about Andy. Truer words were never spoken. I just don't know if Sam's willing to listen.

The stomach churning moment of the night was the relationship between Dov and Crystal. Under different circumstances perhaps they might have a chance but with her brother's death hanging between them, this relationship is a disaster in the making. They're both setting themselves up for a world of pain and I don't mean the kind that was inflicted on Dov as he bled all over the sidewalk.

So with both Chris and Luke telling Sam to stop being an idiot, do you think there's any chance that he'll listen?  Has Sam treated Andy so badly that she should just move on?  Should Luke stick around Division 15?  What do you want to see as we head into the last two episodes of this season of Rookie Blue?


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I've been following this series since Season 1, but I don't remember Luke being that much of a sour pus... everything seems to piss him off, he communicates by throwing sarcasms at times and he seems perplexed with everyone around him. And he doesn't like Nick very much... I don't like Luke as much nowadays, but I'm looking forward for an episode or two that will change my opinions about him for the better.


I thought Andy was being a total brat as usual. Honestly what Sam sees in her I will never know. He was trying to be professional at the start and she just acted like. Petulant child. He clearly just wanted to talk to her then changed his mind and asked for the keys b/c he needs her to get that he's serious about a breakup. They do have him going a little off the rails the rest of the episode but I think they just want him to look worse than Andy. Maybe if she followed the instructions of her superiors once in a while, i might feel differently but it seems he's learned nothing from Jerry's death. She's the golden girl of this show for reasons I will never understand. Sam Swarek is the best character on TV and I hope the RB writers will stop messing with him soon, because lots o fans are getting sick of it.


I agree Sam asking for his keys back was hurtful. It was worse that his blow up at her at the end of last episode. Asking for his keys back this episode was like the relationship was really over....I hope Sam gets his act together nxt episode. I agree with another review that Sam treat Andy this way is out of character, which shows it is still the grief acting.....


I actually think Sam just wanted to talk to Andy and then freaked out and asked for the keys back when he couldn't figure out what to say given that she clearly didn't want to talk to him. Which I understand because he was a giant jerk! I actually liked Luke. I feel like he's become more honest about where his priorities are. However, he does care about people. I think he can be a great mentor to Traci.

Sarah silva

This was another great episode! I love Sam and have since the very first epsiode. However he was a jerk this week, I know he is hurting but he was being reckless on the job and he is being mean to Andy. I am glad that Chris called him out on it at the end. I hope that Luke telling him to smarten up about Andy will make him see the light but I doubt it.
I knew that Dov would get beaten up at the end. I like Nick alot now and I think he and Andy have chemistry together, the whole break up book thing and he being her breakup buddy was funny. I still want Andy and Sam together but I think Nick will be a great distraction eventhough he and Gail seem to be a full fledged couple now.


I felt kinda "meh" about this episode. The only times I actually felt excited was when Luke asked Frank if he had any ideas about who he'd send for the UC op, and when Dov was being attacked. Gotta admit though...when Nick and Andy were saying the breakup mantra....I smiled. Who wouldn't, that scene was amazing and adorable.


I'm perfectly okay with Sam and andy where they are now. Sam needs the space. I get it and I can't pretend as though what he said about andy affecting his ability to do his job isn't true. In some ways he did lose himself in her and it affected the job. It's why I sometimes hated that they partnered up so much. I feel and kind of get Sam. I think I kinda like Luke again. I hope he stays. He would be good for Tracy because he won't treat her like she's fragile like everybody else is doing. Nick continues to be one of my favorite characters. Thank goodness because most of the characters I either don't like at all like Gail or I'm mostly indifferent. And my other favorite character, Dov., the relationship threw me. I was concerned in the beginning but then it seemed unorthodox but cathartic for both but romance? Now I'm back to being concerned. This won't end well if dov being beat up isn't enough of an indicator.


The way Sam is acting out towards Andy is totally out of character. Honestly, I think its happenig to reignite the triangle between Sam-Andy-Luke next season. Now Andy will have two men she loved who both made a mistake and hurt her. The viewers now have some hurt to hold against either Sam or Luke.


I want luke to stay on the show. I do not think he is a threat to sam and andy like a lot of people think. Obviously since he tried to give sam some advice. I, also think Sam needs to stop holding back his emotions. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying he needs to cry like a baby. But he does need to at least admit how horrible he feels about Jerry's death and also how much he loves Andy. Even she admitted how it drove her crazy not knowing how he felt about her. Dov needs to stay away from crystal. For now I will keep the faith that it will get better.


So I agree that Sam was a huge jerk for calling her over just to ask for keys, but I got the impression that he was going to say something else and just chickened out. And I don't think he's taking the break up fine, it's obvious he's grumpy and mean and can't handle himself. He's punishing himself and she's in the line of fire. It was nice to see both Chris and Luke attempt to give him advice, though I was hoping for more conversation...that was exactly what the promo showed!! As for Collins, he earned major points this episode, just being supportive in the right way...those break-up buddy scenes were hysterical!! I don't have any idea how they're gonna patch things up with McSwarek now, he's kinda burning bridges here. I have a feeling it's gonna be a long, torturous wait til season 4 I'm afraid. Enough brooding already, get it together Sam!

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