Tamara Feldman to Reprise Role on Gossip Girl

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Poppy Lifton, played by Tamara Feldman, will return for Season 6 of Gossip Girl.

If you recall, the socialite was last seen attempting to con Serena and her family out of money through a Ponzi scheme alongside her equally manipulative boyfriend Gabriel, played by Armie Hammer.

It's unclear what exactly brings her back to the Upper East Side this fall, but according to EW, which reported Feldman's return, “Poppy shows up in a surprising context to tangle with a new target.”

Poppy on GG

After the surprising return of Bart (Robert John Burke) and Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) this spring, and recent photos of Nelly Yuki (Yin Chang) on set this summer, there's no telling who's next.

Who else would you like to see back for the 10-episode farewell that is Gossip Girl Season 6? Vanessa? Jenny? Carter? Eric? Share your thoughts on that subject with us in the comments below ...

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I want Juliet to come back to she just walked off -.- nothing happen no take down no nothing JUST walked off...


i want juliet sharp to return to gossip girl season final 6! team up with poppy lifton…
and fighting with georgina sparks !!
really need juliet sharp to return because her character agenda havent finished yet!
so hopefull she is return and also diana payne to return to gossip girl she is the one who make gossip girl season 5 rate increase ,maybe helping nate to tracking the real gossip girl because diana also had her own agenda to the real GG!
and the last is JENNY HUMPHREY!!!
she really need to return to the show!


And what about Serena and Dan's brother?


All you people hopeful for a Jenny return, don't hold your breath. http://www.hollywoodreporter.c...
As for Eric, the only way he could come back is if the CW made a deal with ABC, as he is on Revenge now. He said he wouldn't not be opposed to it, but legalities would have to be worked out. As for who I want to see come back. CARTER. I always loved his character and would like to see him end up with Serena in the end.


It seems that season 6 will be a good , and maybe it will restore the gloss from 1 or 2 season! Great news is that returns Poppy Lifton, and if Poppy is here, then it is probably associated with Steven! It is very possible that Poppy is trying to take revenge on Serena and her friends over Stephen! It's not the first time that Serena run and falls in love with the wrong man, but it always happens when she it's not with her rock - Dan! If the story of Serena and Stephen is like what happened between Serena and Gabriel in season 2, it may still be a good season! Then everything is possible, and even that finally return to one another Serena and Dan! As for the actors who have to return to the series, as announced by the Director of CW, probably will return Jenny, Eric and Vanessa in Special which will be after the episode 6x10!


So when's the movie CW ;)


OMG! REUNION!!! Jenny, Vanessa and Eric must have a comeback!!!!
BTW we must see gossip girl real soon


@Marco Planella
yeah.. i know all guest star dont have an ending agenda!
but like juliet storyline is just suck, she just walk off away and without the UES get revenge on her. she just say sorry and gone.
yeah i want Juliet sharp to return!
also diana payne! because diana payne storyline is still fit into the main story. she knew GG is.. and she had an own agenda to the real GG!
hope diana payne is back !
juliet sharp also jenny humphrey !

Wheres waldorf

Vanessa, Carter and Jenny need to come back. They are crucial characters.


If they say she is GG I'll be pissed.
Bring back Jenny/tAylor I'd be ok with Jenny being GG
I've waited five almost six years to find out who gg is and I think it will be pathetic and uncreative on the writers part.
I say bring back Jenny!!

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