Teen Wolf Review: Our Independence Day

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In its final episode before the Season 2 finale, Teen Wolf did many of the same things it has done throughout this fantastic summer. "Battlefield" answered a number of questions, gave the viewers plenty more to ponder, and fired all of it out at a rapid pace.

The hour began with a terrifically directed sequence, in which extreme close ups and strange angles were used to build tension as Stiles spoke with the guidance counselor. Tim Andrew deserves credit for hooking us into the hour in a new and interesting fashion.

Hunting Alison

The action didn't stop there. After hearing howls from wolves in the woods, and apparently realizing that they had lost the current war, Erica and Boyd decided that they wanted to join the new pack they thought they heard. Unfortunately for them, the pack was actually Chris and Allison playing a recording.

Unfortunately for all of us, Allison is now an all out ass kicker. Well, maybe it's unfortunate for the rest of y'all because I loved watching her show no mercy on the two defenseless pups. Crystal Reed was great at playing the stone cold killer that she was in that moment, and it is exactly the kind of crisis that will give this series legs. Allison is losing it a bit, and if that creates tension between her and Scott while giving our hero a formidable opponent, I'm all for it.

Speaking of boy wonder, I know wolves have super hearing, but Scott's ability to tune out every other voice in the stadium while zeroing in on Gerard's quiet conversation was pretty darn impressive.

During that conversation from afar, Gerard emphasized his stance on needing Derek. He promised that he'd kill someone if he didn't get his way. After all, he IS using the kanima as a weapon of vengeance. He came to avenge his daughter.

When Derek never showed, Gerard made good on his promise. Or did he? When the lights went out we heard someone scream, Jackson seemed to have cut himself up, and Stiles was missing. Jax was the only one in immediate danger of losing his life, as his pulse was absent while laying on the ground, but who knows what happened to Stiles?

If Jackson doesn't make it out of that, it will be a shame because Peter - yes, Peter - had a plan to save him. That's what the man from the grave told Derek anyway. I really enjoyed everything Peter had to say during the hour. His attitude - not wanting to steal the alpha thrown from Derek - whether honest or deceitful, is an intriguing mindset for the former villain to have.

Has he changed? Will he work as an ally with Derek and/or Scott? Or is this a new strategy for the man we knew to be as terrible as they come during season one?

Whatever Peter ends up doing, I hope it somehow helps save Stiles. Not only was he hilarious again this week, but he scored goals while actually playing on the field in a Beacon Hills lacrosse game!

As long as we can disregard the fact that he never would have been left by himself in his offensive third (because lacrosse rules require defensive players to remain in their defensive third of the field), we should all be happy for the kid.

Oh, but not too happy, because after winning the game, Stiles is now missing. Between the ending of that lacrosse game, and Peter claiming that they myth that calling out a werewolf's Christian name can cure it, there were certainly some big surprises during "Battlefield."

What was your favorite part of the episode? What do you think of Peter's return? Is Jackson going to be okay? And is Stiles going to make it back home?


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Good work Allison ! Teen Wolf needs Allison:)Love Teen Wolf!!!!!!!


just imagine the tensions between scott's and allison's relationship now! That's so interesting to look out for!


i hate allison,she is fucking bitch,hate her,so mean,just hate bad girl just a bitch!!!!OMG,whr is stiles!!!!i m so sad,and gerard aka grandpa argent & maniac old freak,he better be dead in the next episode!!hate dat fucking freaking old man!!YUCKS!!hopefully derek get to save his pack!!derek is so hot!!and honestly if jackson is dead,it doesn matter!!might as well remove him from the show


i hate allison,she is fucking bitch,hate her,so mean,just hate bad girl just a bitch!!!!OMG,whr is stiles!!!!i m so sad,and gerard aka grandpa argent & maniac old freak,he better be dead in the next episode!!hate dat fucking freaking old man!!YUCKS!!


For all you Allison haters. Like Allison wasn't put through hell this season. Everybody loves Chris who by the way has been putting a young teenager through tests that have made her so angry and he knows full well she's in love with a werewolf but him and his wife could can careless on how she feels. So for all you teenagers that hate when your parents dont listen to you should relate with her. Plus this is what Chris wanted! He wanted Allison to take over as head of the argents werewolf hunters one day.. But it back fired in his face. Then we have Erica who I love but she tormented her and attempted to attack her in Scott's room. Erica isn't completely innocent. Then gerard manipulating his own grand daughter and then her crazy mother dying because of Derek. Yeah I know Derek had to save Scott. But Derek hasnt left behind warm fuzzy feelings behind with everyone in the past. I'm glad so far the writers have ignored the crazy fandom and just keep doing what they think is good for the show.

@ Vampbarbie

Oh Go fuck yourself -_-


Great review! I'm liking where there going with Allison. This season has been very hard on Allison between the tests her father put her through, gerard manipulating her, the wolf pack particularly Erica tormenting her, the pressure of continuing the argent family wolf killing business and then other mother dying. I say she's been pushed over the line! Lol


I for one was not a fan of Allison in this episode. She was just plain mean and it's pathetic how easily she was manipulated by Gerard. She needs to grow up.


Teen Wolf is really great at writing bromances. I love all those scenes between Scott-Isaac, Scott-Stiles, Jackson-Danny, Peter-Derek. Urgh, I kinda wish Allison got killed next episode? Does she even know her mother tried to KILL Scott? Stupid girl. And I'm so proud that Jackson still has his humanity stored somewhere.


Can anyone tell what is the deal with the guidance counsler and the vet, first of all how do they know each other,secondly how did the vet know Derek's parents and know Gerard and finally who does the vet have more allegiance to scoot even though he still hasn't told Scott jack shit about how he knows anything about whats going on and he doesn't tell Scott that Peter is back. Or is he trying to help Derek since he made a promise to his mom he would look after him.


I agree with everyone who says Gerrard has Stiles. I also hope that Peter will tell Gerrard that he was the one who killed Kate because if anything happens to Derek im going to be so sad, he is seriously SO HOT he makes the show for me. lol I am really loving Papa Argent, hes really showing how good of a dad and person he is, i hope he helps alison snap out of it. I also hope the truth about the fact that the only reason Derek bit Alisons crazy mom is because she was trying to kill Scott comes out!

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