The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Love The One You're With

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For an hour spent talking about Jack, the least this show could've done in "Half Over" was show him at some point. Once again, The Secret Life of the American Teenager used an event to promote itself and then short changed the audience.

The promos said "Who will say goodbye?" Spoiler alert that nobody cares about: It was Dylan.

Cryong on a Shoulder

Dylan decided that friends are the most important thing, and that she and her obnoxious little posse would follow Wendy to an all-girls school. I still think it's weird how quickly Ben went from obsessing about Dylan to obsessing about Amy. Were you sad to see Dylan leave? Did you think the previews were a cop out?

Don't get me wrong, I would be upset if Jack left the show. I just hate when a series uses one thing for a promotion and then the episode is mostly about something else. Secret Life isn't the only program to do this. 

The episode was spent mostly on Amy and Ricky fighting, per usual. Ben and Amy got into the same college and Ricky is obsessing about what it means and if Amy wants to leave him. As she said last week, dreams change. I agree with this, but these two have got to go to counseling or something. How annoying is it to watch them have the same fight over and over? If it's exhausting for us to watch and it must be even more exhausting for them.

It's also not fair to John to be in that environment.

Meanwhile, Ben is determined to get Amy back, so much so that he's sharpened his detective skills and found out that Amy and Ricky aren't really married. Did I miss the moment when George admitted he knew the truth about their marriage? When they really do get married, Ben says he will be waiting at the back of the church to pull a move from The Graduate and run away with her. Do you think Amy's tempted? 

Grace spent this episode at the hospital. When Adrian arrived, she had flashbacks to losing her baby, which was really sad. I did love her heartfelt conversation with Omar and the ring he drew on her finger. Even though I think everyone on this show is rushing down the aisle, I thought that moment was really sweet. I love them as a couple.

There were a few other romantic developments, too, such as Anne and her new girlfriend and Ethan and Kathy. Leo and Camille moved ahead with their adoption and took in the prostitute that Jack saved. It's interesting that they said they were inspired by Betty. It's even more interesting that due to Tom's phone call we found out that Betty knows the pimp who hurt Jack.

I wonder if any of those storylines will carry over when the show resumes in early 2013. Lastly, we were treated to the most blatant PSA ever to air on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

There's no fairytale ending to being a teen mom. | permalink

Well MTV has that angle covered, but thank you Lauren. What did everyone else think of the midseason Secret Life finale? Do you think Jack will live? What will happen with everyone else?


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Nobody talks or acts like these dopey characters. Awful writing and acting.


Worst show ever. Finally cancelled. Hooray.


Well well well I think that the show is awsume bt looking back I don't think that been and astronomy should have been together in the first place .it made me so mad when she got Oregon by been cause it was just a revenge duck that produced a baby/ah how do we know that astronomy didn't slip around and fuck tom for a. Sec? Anyways she knew that the minute Ricky laid eyes on john for the first time she was losing Ricky and that's were the revenge fuck with been came in.she used hem and treated him are you gonna stay in a condo that veena dad bought for her and been then act such a fool that been had to leave he couldn't take it any more.then move another man in that condo that was a wedding gift from bend every body need to raise the fuck off been cause he was good until adrein ducked that boys head up so she's the fuck up in the whole show.she fucked everybodys man on the show.she fucked Ricky .jack .Henry.tryed to fuck grace. Then instead and his and I beloved she snuck and gave tom a little.I'm suprized she can be frends with anyone.but she spent a lot of money that Leo gave her and been and veena money then when the baby died. She was like it was his fault and that he didn't love the baby just ad much as her.anyways )( lay off been cause Amy and astronomy fucked his head up.and if jack leaves the show%+ I'm done.


I love this show and im glad they made it. People relly do act like this in real life and if yall dont like the fuckinq show then get the fuck off its dick forreal nobodys forcing you hand to grab the remote and turn it to abc family ight so whatever writter wannah do with his show its his and at least he making money for it and what are you doing hunniieess


Ben is really really creepy.
Ricky being insecure and asking Ben to stay away,I think that's cute. Amy and Ricky should be together. Amy is annoying,immature and selfish. On the other hand Ricky is smart , patient and mature enough , he kind of completes her.
And Ben he screwed it up himself by cheating on Amy. I have noticed he falls in love really quick. I hate him. Ethan is in no way like Ben.


I used to love this show now I don't know what the writer is doing if your out of ideas cancel the show its getting ridiculous...


I believe Ricky wants Amy to go to NY because of having a chance with Clementine.My fav couple Ricky & Amy I want them to work things out but if they break up Amy needs to be someone other than Ben.


Well, I love this show. I have been watching it since season one. There are always pros and cons to every show and seeing people who hate it actually waste their time to write a review is crazy. If you don't like it why waste your time bashing it? Grow up! Anyways, this show is good as always. I like the fact that Ben is still in love with Amy, but he does go about it the wrong way and he is less attractive more now than ever. All of the incidents that has happened over this season has made him a complete turn off. Amy and Ricky should stay together and from the look of all their fights they may not even if they are in love or not. If they was to break up that would throw the whole show off in my opinion. Adrienne and Omar are perfect and it does suck that Jack got hurt when he and Grace just got back together which i love also. Over all its been an ok season with the exception of a few things like Dylan, the pimp, etc...I love this show and will definitely tune in next season


This show has gotten really bad. the only reason i still watch it is to see the ending. i am tired of the repetition. I think i heard the word "pimp" at least fifty times in this episode. The writers make a huge deal out stuff no one cares about. We all know pimps and sex are bad. We don't need a hundred lessons on it.


Wow, what a horrible season finale. The structure of this show is so off. When Ben was having a conversation with Dylan, it seems as if there are two dialogues taking place. One where Ben's wishing her the best and another one where Dylan is breaking up with Ben. Very confusing. I am so tired of Amy. She is the most annoying of all the characters on the show. Ricky needs to slap her once(I do not condone violence but in her case violence is needed. My final comment is regarding Amy's mom. That woman is so not gay. My final final comment is regarding Jack. If you allow a man to come into your dorm room and beat you up with a bat you deserve to die. Btw, a pimp is not dangerous. These assholes make there money off of women, young boys, & weak "Johns" they would never try a real man... As much as I think that this show is ridiculous I will be back for next season.

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You lied to me. I know you and I know you lied.

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I guess you're what they'd call a hopeless romantic.

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