The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

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Wow. I'm really never shocked by an episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but a lot happened tonight and the ending left me audibly gasping. 

On "Regrets," everyone cut the BS and started coming clean about where they were in their lives. Jack wasn't embarrassed to be honest about his life and decisions, even though a camera was there. Too bad Grace wasn't quite as comfortable with that.

The Sausage King & Queen?

Despite the fact that it feels sudden, Ben seems to finally be moving on from Dylan. Whether or not he wanted to, he realized it's just not in the cards. It's probably not in the cards for him to go after a married woman either, but Amy is Amy and she will always be important to Ben. He also seems calmer overall. Between his apology to Camille and determination to get Henry and Alice back together, Ben is in a good place.

I'm happy for Leo and Camille. Is it possible that the baby girl they end up adopting will be Kathy's? Things are already rocky with the parents who had intended to adopt her child. I thought Leo didn't want to raise another kid for 18 years; perhaps they are adopting an older child? Fostering the way Margaret and Shaker did with Ricky? 

Ethan is turning out to be a pretty stand-up guy. He started off like a little weasel, but he seems to care about Kathy and wasn't tempted by her slutty, backstabbing friends. If only he could get his temper and impulsive ways under control, he might have a chance to patch things up with Kathy. 

Ricky surprised me this week by opening Amy's mail. Do you think they'll go together to New York and usher in the new chapter of The Secret Life of the American Teenager? I've said it before and I'll say it again: Ricky and Amy would fight less if they would communicate more. It's the same thing with Adrian and Omar. However, they are really rushing it. Why does everyone feel the need to marry each other so quickly on this show?

I really agreed with what Kathleen said about the purity ring putting more interest in sex for Grace. The more you are focused on virginity and talking about it, the more you are gonna obsess over it. This is just my opinion of course. Next week Grace will have a lot more to worry about with that closing scene between Jack and the pimp. Jack is pretty strong so I imagine he'll put up a good fight.

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Ramy should go to New York and start their lives all over and for those who don't like the show no ones forcing you ramy should stay couple ever


Ben should be with Adrian Amy is a lying slut who used him. She and Ricky deserve each other for how they treated everyone. I hope Ricky does cheat and get a disease, and gives it to Amy, or gets the other girl pregnant. They deserve it. In all five season's of this show neither Ricky nor Amy have ever really faced consequences for how they treated people. Ben and Adrian were forced to lose a child for one mistake. Ricky got to have sex, and cheat on Adrian and Amy as much as he wanted and never got anything bad. He got to have Ben pick up on all of his crap from Amy and that is all. Amy used and hurt Ben, Ashley, and she even caused Adrian to lose her baby. I really hope something bad happens to them so these idiot RAMY FANS understand there are always consequences to your actions.


Fuck this gay ass show


o_O is there no dorm safety in that college? i'm pretty sure most colleges now have card access only for the dorm rooms, it shouldn't be that easy to break in to a dorm room. Poor Jack though


i love this show....i dont really know why it is all high school drama!
ricky and amy are my FAV i hope they stay together ben needs to move on from amy and ricky needs to stop hanging with the chicks from the coffee shop. hope amy and ricky last a long time!


2 bad 4 ben 4 marring adrian and leavin amy he should go back 2 amy


It wasnt the finale. Next week is.


Not Bad. This was one of the better episodes. I did think for a season finale it was a little slow. Forgot to mention the beat down at the end with the baseball bat. BTW, if im coming to a football players dorm room I'm going to bring more than a bat.

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Every relationship I've ever been in was just to kill time until my turn came around again. And it will, I know it will.

Ben [about Amy]

He saved that hooker!

Dylan [about Jack]