The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 127

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Another week and another Vampire Diaries Caption Contest has come and gone.

As always, we thank all readers who jumped in with an entry for the Tyler/Caroline/Klaus photograph below - and we're proud to announce "Megan" as this edition's winner.

Read that user's caption now and remember to come back and play every week. A new contest runs on TV Fanatic every Friday!

CC 127 pic

Tyler: Sorry, Caroline. I promised Klaus a dance.


Caroline singing(THE ANGELS"My Boyfriend's Back"):
He went away and you hung around
And bothered me, every night
And when I wouldn't go out with you
You said things that weren't very nice.
My boyfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble.....


Tyler: Sorry Caroline, I promised Klaus a dance


Klaus [thinking]: How DARE you borrow my favorite fedora without asking! HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!
Tyler [thinking]: Uh.Oh....Busted!! Hey Klaus, guess who wears it better?
Klaus [thinking]: Bitch!
Caroline [out loud]: Guys, I'm really flattered by the display of testosterone, but could you try not to fight over me in public?


Caroline [thinking]: YES!!! Finally! My very own love triangle! Oh wait.....Must. Look. Serious.


Caroline [to Tyler]: It doesn't matter how many times I dance with Klaus. I love you.
Tyler: It's not Klaus I'm worried about. It's those damn Round Table guys!

Leon alexis

Caroline's reading: My life is bullshit! My heard is broken! That's why I wanna kill myself! Caroline,I love you!
Tyler: Who could write this stit on his forehead?


*Klaus enters*
Caroline: Tyler, what are you doing?
Tyler: This is my "Hey, it's Tuesday" look. It works for Stefan.
Caroline: ... Klaroline is looking better and better.


Caroline: Go away, Klaus. I'm with Tyler.
Klaus: Oh, come on Caroline. He can't have you and Jeremy!
Tyler: Jyler. Really?


Tyler:But his eyes are so dreamy!


Klaus: Hey Tyler (blink)
Tyler: Damn i just got a..
Caroline:OMG TYLER! Do you have a bo...

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