Tina Majorino to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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She didn't stay blown to smithereens for long.

Tina Majorino - who just completed a guest-starring turn on True Blood before receiving a most gruesome exit last Sunday - will appear on at least one episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 9.

TV Guide first reported the casting news and it is believed the actress will be portraying an intern.

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The actress joins Gaius Charles and Camilla Luddington as new faces in Seattle Grace, but Shonda Rhimes is quick to tell the publication that viewers may be jumping to a few conclusions when it comes to these actors and actresses.

"It's really interesting that everybody seems to think we've hired new series regulars," Rhimes says. "It's not. We hired some really lovely guest stars who are doing some really lovely guest-star stuff. It boils down to the fact that all our doctors are attendings and one of the things that I want to see our attendings doing is teach, so that's what we're seeing."

Hmmm... interesting.

Majorino has also appeared on Bones and Big Love and will forever beloved by fans of Veronica Mars.

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We'll all be looking at these female guest stars and thinking who is gona be chosen to play Alex's love interest. If all the residents we've followed are now attendings, even the one who failed her boards, we do need new interns and residents for them to teach


Seems like my hopes of seeing new series regulars just vanished. At least i'm gonna see Meredith & and other residents as attendings. Can't wait for that.


Megan was fired when they cut a ton of staff a few seasons ago but sued the hospital because she was pregnant.


Steve was still there this past season at least in the Valentines episode. Just watched it. Charles Percy died in season six. Megan just evaporated I think.


Speaking of new series regulars, since they let Kim Raver (Dr.Altman) go I hope they hire Leith M. Burke (Dr. McQueen) as the new head of cardio.
He is a character who was a fellow surgeon to Altman in season 7, and since there are new characters coming it would be fun to have a familiar face as the new cardio attending.


Justin Charles was not an intern He was a Resident


Whaaat?! None of the three new characters is gonna be regular? I'm sooo disappointed.


Intern Heather based at Boise Memorial in second episode so she gonna have to look after our injured doctors after the rescue,


Interestin... i wonder how that'll work out


think the old interns were killed in the shooting. i know one for sure did. think his name was charles, he was with bailey .she tried to save him but because of the lockdown the elevators didnt work and she couldnt get him to the o.r

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