Who Will Go Missing on Revenge?

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We already have an idea of who's coming to Revenge Season 2:

Emily's mother. Victoria's mother. Conrad's son from his first marriage. A love interest for Nolan.

But who might be leaving the ABC thriller? At least temporarily? That's the question viewers may need to now ask themselves, considering a couple new network casting notices.

Emily and Nolan on Revenge

Revenge is reportedly seeking an actor to come on board as a detective looking into a recent missing person case, along with an actor who will be reporting on this investigation.

So... who will go missing? Might this be a search for survivors of the plane crash?

Weigh in with your theories now and remember: Revenge moves to Sunday nights this fall, premiering on September 30.

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Victoria will not be found in the plane's carnage. She will have been taken to a secret government recovery facility for her protection.


Hmmm... can't decied. All I know is that i love this show and am so excited for its premiere!!


Definatley not Victoria. It has to be between Declan, Conrad or Lydia.


Charlotte, Declan, or Jack.


Victoria is not going missing and she is most certainly not dead. She'll walk on stage triumphantly and more devious than ever in a ridiculously expensive couture dress. Mark my words.


there is no way Victoria goes missing, she is the evil queen, there is no sense for me to continue watching unless there is some Victoria time for me. As for Condrad, he might as well as go missing, i don't care for him.


Victoria or Conrad will be the one to go missing.

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