Chuck and Blair to Get "Pretty Steamy" on Gossip Girl

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Brace yourselves for high-decibel shrieking from the Chair fan community, because Gossip Girl's premiere will feature Chuck and Blair getting pretty steamy, according to executive producer Stephanie Savage.

The Gossip Girl Season 6 trailer released last month strongly implied that star-crossed Chair would rekindle the flame - for good - soon enough. Savage tells TV Line that the trailer “is not misleading.”

“Things get pretty steamy” between them in their hotel room in Monte Carlo, Stephanie adds. “But the stakes are really high. They can’t rush into anything or do anything half-baked.”

Chair Post-Wedding Photo!

What she likely means by that is Blair and Chuck will be "together but apart" for a while as they resolve their own issues, making sure that by the time they do reconcile, it's forever.

As for the time frame?

The October 8 premiere, "Gone Maybe Gone," picks up where May’s Season 5 finale left off as a means to “check in with all of the characters, and then we jump ahead four months to present day.”

That might allow for some steaminess in the opening minutes of Season 6, no? Sound off with your comments on the future of Chair - and all things Gossip Girl - in the comment section!

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Yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!


@mackenzie then why are you still here? i don't understand


I really dispointed in GG last year they got Blair and Dan together finally. than they apart before we know it. and i'm tired of chuck and blair thing.


@Jonas: I'm a Chuck and Blair fan and I'm a Democrat, how do you reconcile that? (I figure that now you are going to tell me that you never said a person couldn't be both things or something like that).


after last season, i dont know how in the world can derena happen again. the writers killed it. but enough about that IM EXCITED FORRRR CHAIR


ur watching GG for jenny, who hasnt been on the show for 2 seasons and ivy and georgina. lol........... chair for endgame yay..................... bitter ban fans u have made my day......


Boring as always. I'm tired of the Chair thing. I do not accept the fact of Blair being traded by hotel and now be there running into his pants.
I'm also not a Dair fan, was kind of a Dan's ilusion. I'll always be Blouis. That effin' thing they made, putting Louis as a villains in the last minute was a cr@p! I'm more interested on my top 3: Jenny (bring her back), Georgina and Ivy!


Stephanie Savage>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> abism >>>>>>>> Joshua Safran Finally the dair days and Safran saying nonsense are over! YAY FOR CHAIR@


Oh Jonas, avert your eyes you poor soul


@jonas gtfo you stupid bitch.Obviously there is nothing left for you to watch, you moron.

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