Cote de Pablo Teases What's Next For Tiva on NCIS

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NCIS Season 10 kicks off September 25, and the premiere promises to be worth the wait.

Perhaps first and foremost among the many burning questions heading into the new season? What's next for Ziva and Tony, a pair whose chemistry has been off the charts since she was first introduced, but whose relationship status has sparked strong debate in recent years among the show's fan base.

Cote de Pablo (Ziva) recently spoke to Hitfix about her character and that very subject.

On the subject of whether Tony and Ziva will get together, she said:

A Ziva David Photo

"I don't know, but it's definitely going to be more explored. [Fans] want more things to happen between these characters. And I think the writers are on board, and they want more things to happen. And I think it will."

On where we pick up when NCIS Season 10 begins:

"Well, the cliffhanger is that we were stuck in an elevator. The bomb exploded and the next thing you know we're on the floor. Nothing else is seen. So, we have no idea what happened."

"The beginning of this year, we're still stuck in an elevator - you find us there - and we have a nice little bit in the elevator, which is so much fun."

On her on-screen chemistry with Michael Weatherly:

"Ironically, the writers just saw the chemistry between these two characters, and they were like, we've gotta do more of this, and Michael [Weatherly] and I jumped. Of course you have to do more of this! This is what we love to do, so hopefully they're going to have more scenes and explore that relationship more. It's always fun for us."

"We embrace it all, and whenever there is tension between the characters, Michael and I take distance from each other. We do; it just happens naturally. It just does. And whenever we have to be more connected, we just naturally come together. It's really funny. So right now we're getting together, and I think the writers are going, oooh, look at the chemistry there, and he and I are like, it's always been there. You just have to seize it. Always."  

Do you want to see Tony and Ziva get together on NCIS?

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@SAM They were both in love with Tony when they appear and then out of no where they are like we don't love you ziva does we are gay


Uh, Michael, did I understand you correctly? The characters of EJ and Wendy are now gay? You're going to have to point out what episode all of that took place in -- somehow the entertainment media missed those newsworthy items.


I don't know Nate look at all Tiva has done to NCIS made us forget about mcgee Made Tony a joke Stop the P2P and abby brother storyline trun EJ and Wendy Gay so if Tiva fans can do that Think what NCIS fans can do


@Hi Nat, I really do hope you are right in what you say, about the scoops and Tiva spoilers, that there is gong to be Tiva, I've been waiting a long time for this to happen so like you said bring it on.


@Janet & Aycliffe *Hugz* Hi Janet!!! Hi Aycliffe! I'm sorry but I've had enough of whining posters complaining about this TV show. If what is happening in Season 10 is bothering you THAT need to leave - SERIOUSLY. Why sit there & constantly bellyache about something you hate THAT much? I LIKE these characters, and I like the fact that the show's producers are taking Tony & Ziva's relationship seriously..FINALLY. I think it's great. It's not the only reason I watch the show, but it certainly has A LOT of viewers' attention - including mine. Aycliffe I think it will be huge. If it weren't, we wouldn't have all these Tiva spoiler scoops and comments directly from the show, that we've been getting lately. Bring it on!!!!!


@Nat Remind me never to P*** you off, what I fear the most is all this talk about Tiva from the writers just could be hype, I know I keep saying this but look at what has happened in the past when they said there was going to be something good was going to happen between Tony and Ziva, yeah right I am still waiting, all they do is just give us little taste of Tiva just to keep all us Tiva fans interested in watching the show, what we need now is a big chunk of Tiva just to show that progress is being made


@nat hi nat wow you sure can give it to the haters well done you deserve a pat on the back.


@Charli - GOOD. :-) Do yourself AND us ALL a favor & grab your Barf Bucket now & puke until you pass out. No need to wait until the Official Hookup; pack your bags, grab that remote and hit the road NOW, because it's ALL ABOUT TIVA from here on out, like it or not. I'm sick of people like you hissyfitting about something as ridiculous as TV show!! Neither You nor any other bratty complainer will EVER have control over how a TV show is run. CBS will do what they WANT to do with NCIS, period. Go find another show. Happy Trails, and don't let the door hit you on the way out!!!


let's just say if they get them together, after i finish puking, i will no longer be watching this show


Let say they do get together will they end up like gibbs and jenny( like so many people think they will) or will they end up like Sara and Gil on CSI

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