Covert Affairs Producers Address "Really Big Move," What Comes Next

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What. An Episode.

If you have not watched last night's Covert Affairs, stop whatever you are doing and rectify that problem right now. If you care at all about shock, deception and a major character death, that is.

For those that are still catching their breath from "Glass Spider," co-creators/executive producers Matt Corman and Chris Ordeaux talked with TV Guide about what the former describes as the show's "really big move." Read on for excerpts from the interview...

Annie on Covert Affairs

Is Lena the FSB double agent? Yes, says Ordeaux: "It's not even about ideology; it's about self-fulfillment and finding power. When you're a double agent, you're in a position of power because you can know what both sides are doing. I think for her, it feeds into that. She has a need for power."

Why did she try and kill Simon/Annie: "Both Simon and Annie are great spies and the fact that they were running off together, or at least considering it, they would've figured her out eventually," says Corman. "They're just too good as spies to not. I think Lena recognized this couple was a threat to her cover and she needed to take care of it before they figured it out."

What is Lena's grand goal? Teases Ordeaux: "We'll learn more about her in the fall half. The next two episodes answer some questions, but also ask a lot more, so the back six [episodes] will explore more of Lena. And this didn't just start with assigning Annie to Simon; she's been a double for years."

Will we learn more about Jai's Simon-related investigating? Yes, says Corman: "Jai had a number of missions that were corrupted by the Russians, so clearly information was leaking out of Langley to the Kremlin, and the Kremlin was getting people like Simon to disrupt those missions. We'll learn more in [episode] 10."

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Lena planned all in advance, she sent Annie to locate Simone, so she can kill them both. She knew Annie is smart and is going to figure her out soon. Jay had a box of documents in his office, and when Auggie went trough it we could see that sign on the box identical with Simone's tattoo.


OMG I KNEW that bitch was no good!


This show is simply incredible. While there are plenty of good shows on TV right now in many genres, there's nothing that comes close in terms of consistently hitting on all pistons. I am grateful to the writers, the actors, and the network for making this happen.


@ Darren
It call typecasting when someone is good at something it really hard for them to find work somewhere beside what their good at the actor from star war and star trek can't find work because of type casting @ Artemis
I don't know if I would call covert affairs a family show yes it has bad language how many time did auggie said dam it last night i counted 5 times


I know for a FACT that Sarah Clarke a very lovely and nice woman to be around with, but WTF does hollywood keep casting her as a backstabbing bitch?!! Seriously, how the hell did she became the go to actor to play a 2 faced scum?
I refuse to watch future shows that cast Clarke as a villain or traitor.


Please don't cancel Covert Affairs it is one of the only shows that is safe for the family that does not have bad language

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