Drop Dead Diva Review: The Fork In The Road

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Pardon me while I try to wrap my head around the ending of "Jane's Getting Married..."

When we heard the cliffhanger for this year's Drop Dead Diva season finale would be unlike any other, never could I have imagined those last few minutes. Before we go any further, I feel the need to give anyone who hasn't watched a MAJOR spoiler alert.

Jane's Wedding Day

April Bowlby told me in an interview that the original Jane would later make and appearance and that she is pissed. I'd say that was a very accurate description. My question is: if original Jane was given the option to move on to a peaceful place or stay and watch what happened to her body, why would she torture herself? Why would anyone ever want to watch someone live their life for them?

I guess to the viewer, it seems like Deb improved Jane's life. She injected some fun, liveliness, confidence and love into a void. The only real problem is that Deb was hanging onto her past too. More specifically, Deb was hanging onto Grayson.

Do I believe she really loved Owen? Yes, absolutely. Do I believe you can love two people at once for different reasons? Yes I do. People in your life give you different things. I found it really interesting that Luke asked Deb the night before her wedding, if she would choose her new life or old life?

This whole episode was about make decision. No matter which road you travel, you will gain certain things and lose others. Would Hannah rather be smart and possibly die in six months than bus for tips at a bar and be with her husband? Would Kim rather tell Parker the baby wasn't his even though it was? Obviously we watched both of these people ultimately choose love, so is that what it's all about?

It's been four seasons and Grayson has finally confessed his love to Jane, Deb's Jane. Was having her dress stuck on that nail some sort of divine intervention? Clearly the guardian angels aren't controlling all that much if it's so easy to push a return button. Now where does she go?

Well... the choice isn't quite up to her since Owen caught the kiss, had a heart attack and was resuscitated as the original Jane. I'm still totally baffled at this, but I do know it means major consequences for next season.

As far as the storyline with Chelsea Kane, it was great but I think it would've gotten more attention in another episode. It deserved more attention than it got. 

Those are my thoughts on the finale and I'm interested to hear all of yours. Hit the comments and we'll see you next season! 


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The story is just drag too long if it keeps on repeating and stay in the past. I think it is wise for Deb/Jane Being with someone else and that Grayson could also find some oher love for his own. I dont really thing having real Jane into Owen's body is a good options. I guess itsbest if the series meant to end in a good love and that something that wasnt related to the past. MOving on is the key cor both Grayson and Jen/Deb. its a new life that need to find its own love attraction


I love the show, it's really good, but it is bringing itself to a short end only season 4 and it has already been through so much, i understand that you need to come up with a next episode but the show will come to a short end the characters have been through so much in so little time. I love all the characters though but i dont think jane/deb belonged with owen.. however i enjoy the fact deb is in jane's body she may not show a lot of respect for jane's past, she isnt actually jane and although deb got a better deal then jane i think she made the character better, she radiates a better personality and although i am excited for season 5 im not to sure i will enjoy real jane being owen i think the old jane should of stayed where she was and i think it's just thrown a wrench into the show and it will crash and burn... but i hope i am wrong


I likes Owen and I also liked that other tall lawyer
She dated before (I think he had to travel, work abroad
Or something)
I think Grayson's character is too passive and
Unmanly in my opinion
It's kind of boring if she keeps loosing her (Jane/deb)
Men in this manner


Am I the only one who likes the twist in the season final? I dislike Owen. I don't thin he's a good match for Jane/Deb. I also think Original Jane isn't nasty. Original Jane is allowed to be upset, she has watched something that isn't supposed to happen. she just wants her life back and i think that's allowed.
Original Jane is kind, and reasonable. Remember, she volunteers and helps others out. Jane/Deb hasn't done a single thing that Jane would do. She never bothered to find out why her mom and dad were divorced, why Jane doesn't have many friends why she was alone. She never bothered to "remember" I think she is still shallow. She thinks of her self all the time. I'm disliking Deb even more now.
However, I didn't like Owen and Jane together. It just doesn't feel right to me.
At the end, when jane and Grayson kissed (either on the cheek or lips) Jane bent over Owen's body and looked up at Grayson, and she said "What have we done?" I think Owen would have still had his heart attack no matter what. He was worried that he had a runaway bride...
To be honest, this show needs closure and even if it went down...it needs to be completed.
And lol this could be one damn dream and Jane wakes up from her coma. and there's Grayson beside her.


I would not have expected that old Jane would go to Owen's body, I can't wait for season 5.


i couldnt believe how saeson 4 ended,y would grayson kiss Jane??? and especially y would he confess his love on her weeding day ?? I just can't wait for the season finally i wish that the real Jane would reconsider taking her body back from deb


I was very disappointed with how season 4 ended. I honestly thought that Jane/ Deb will work things out with Grayson and finally hook up. I am looking forward to see what the next season is going to have in store for the viewers.
Going back to a comment made of old Jane coming back to get even with Jane/ Deb, I am excited to see how it is going to pan out. I really want Grayson to finally find love. I mean after losing his soon to be fiance in a car accident, and being dumped at the altar by his fiance, it will be nice to see him in love again and happy.


I was so shocked at the end of the episode. Once I pulled myself together I thought it was pretty funny that the real Jane came into Owens body. I can't wait for the next season!!!!


Maybe mcblondie was right and she really was kissing Grayson's cheek not lips but I'm sure that Owen was thinking that she kissed his lips.! When we will see season5? I cant't wait for this anymore.!
And I hope that Jane will be with Grayson.!


I was so shocked at the end of season 4 I was left staring open-mouthed at the screen for around 30 seconds, while my adrenalin reached an all time high. I love Diva but I think that it should have ended there. I mean, all the episodes follow the same pattern and the only extra treats are the rare moments when Jane and Grayson share a moment. I would have liked to see her tell him that she is Deb and they fall helplessly into each other's arms. Isn't that what should be the perfect ending? I remember Fred once told Jane/Deb that she must not confess to Grayson but allow him to fall in love with Jane instead. And, it happened. I do not like the real Jane but to think that she returned as Owen, that's just icky. Also, I absolutely don't think that Owen will return in Deb's body because her body has already decayed. It would not be a pretty sight. Besides, think of the ramifications and all the questions and chaos that would cause. I mean, the show pretty much down graded the 'Heaven ideal' with escalators and people lounging around in white bath robes and fluffy white bedroom slippers but to have Deb's body parading around in front of her mom, Grayson and friends would defy all logic. Not to mention, that she would really be Owen will definitely pose a very awkward problem. Nevertheless, if and when season 5 comes out, i will hang onto to every episode.

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