Glee Episode Preview: Who Breaks Up?

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Brace yourselves, Gleeks. Heartbreak is on the way.

Following last night's mediocre episode of this Fox hit, the series is making it as clear as possible that one long-time couple will not survive the October 4 installment. How do we know? It's titled "The Break Up."

Will a new job offer split Will and Emma apart? What about the long distance getting in the way for Blaine and Kurt or Rachel and Finn? All three relationships appear to be on the line in this episode teaser.

Which will come to an end? Which do you want to come to an end? Watch now:

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I just finished watching it! Did Finchle break up??!! I'm sooo confused. Ok we know brittana broke up. AND???


sounds like everyone breaks up in some form or another. i'm sad. i thought at least brittney and santana would work for a while. i like changing it up a little, but i don't understand why they won't ever let even one relationship work out. no wonder divorce rates are so high-this is all we ever see on tv. cheating, scandal, boredom, repeat


I hope Klaine break up in this episode. I stopped liking those 2 together halfway into season 3.


Meg- where did you hear that samcedes ended? I gotta look into that.


I hope everyone breaks up, we need new lovers for everyone, is getting so boring to see the same people. Gosh just break up Kurt and Blaine already, and Rachel and Finn.


I wish no1 would break up but if some1 HAS 2, then I guess Finn & Rachel, I dnt want them 2 but I cnt see any other couple surviving w/o each other...we already knw Rachel will b ok if she doesnt have Finn in her life, shes proven that already...but I CANNOT survive if Kurt n Blaine break up or Santana n Brittany, those couples ABSOLUTELY belong 2gether!! I knw I'm gon cry my eyes out, but I cnt wait til nxt weeks episode!


This show really needs to be cancelled it has been mediocre for almost two seasons!!


Why is she acting guilty? They broke up nearly three months ago, before summer vacation started. They haven't been in contact since. Rachel's Crazy, she's been in a delusional crises where she believes she's still dating Finn, so she turns down hot Brody and psychotically paints Finn's name onto a wall surrounded by hearts.


"You were my first love but I can't do this anymore" - Oh Rachel, it does not matter how great you look in your new clothes with a good new haircut, inside you are still the same old selfish girl, who always puts herself first. Enjoy her shower dude, with your hotness and her selfishness, you will make a great Broadway couple, great on the outside, rotting inside. PLEASE BRING BACK JESSE! At least he was interesting!

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Glee Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm gonna take this down to the park and watch drug deals go down.


Brittany: Ah, young love.
Blaine: Do you remember when you started dating Santana and I started dating Kurt back before everyone was so busy and far away and things were so much simpler? We had so much more hope and innocence. Every day was just like Valentine's Day.
Brittany: We're still young. Shouldn't we still be experiencing those things?

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