New Gossip Girl Season 6 Trailer: OMSG!

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The last season. The best season. One more season.

Did you know Gossip Girl Season 6 will mark the end of the series? We hadn't realized. Just kidding, but a new CW trailer drives home the point more than ever as GG seeks to rekindle the passion among its fans.

From the looks of the clips so far, they're on the right track.

The new, minute-long preview below contains snippets of the already-infamous Chuck and Blair sex scene revealed in a Canadian promo last week, along with a tease of the upcoming wedding (presumably Serena's).

Elsewhere, we see vintage Gossip Girl scheming and party crashing, Georgina threatening to expose everybody, Serena wearing majorly low-cut clothes and Dan getting slapped at least twice. Good times.

Question: Who's making out at the 15-second mark?

Monday, October 8 can't get here fast enough.

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serenate was mindblowingly boring, chuck and blair's egos are to big for a great love story, and lily is a complete bitch right now. The only sweet lovestory was derena in season 1 and 2 but sadly those days are far behind us. I secretly hoped for a reunion between chuck and the french girl who saved him in prague. That was love


could it be ivy and rufus making out at 0.15? so excited!




whats the name of the song?? does someone know???


Haha Dan gets slap by Serena and Blair ahahblol >< you know what's realize? That Blair didn't choice dan because he knew she wasn't the right one for him rather then the other way around because like come on chuck and blair forever but like I guess she realized that Dan is really meant for Serena and not her ...


Ivy and Rufus are the ones making out


Confession bear: I want Serenate as end game. :D


@15-second mark looks like Ivy and Rufus but I'm clinging on to all hope it's Dan and Serena :) Getting a box of kleenex ready for my tears when GG ends #sigh


OK first of all: People who are calling Blair a slut and saying what she did last season made her a whore and that Dan\Serena\Others need to slap her. That's not very fair. Blair had a miscarriage which can make people go all OC and make them hurt people and make them sad and do stupid things. All they want to be is to feel safe and loved or at least that's how I felt when I lost my child (Don't think I'm some creepy 30yrold who watches GG though. I was stupid and got knocked up at a young age, I was 17. I'm now 19) and anyone who does should be given a free pass. It takes a long time to recover from something so painful. What I didn't like about the show was how they didn't go into depth about the miscarriage and just brushed it off.


Rufus and Ivy are disgusting! Sorry, but he treating her as a family member last season. She has made out with your son/sort of dating him for a minute and is the same age as your kid, you should not be naked with her or being kissing her! Poor dumb Rufus, he has really gone done hill. I'm glad Lily chose Bart because at least he isn't a self-righteous creep!

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