Once Upon a Time Season Premiere: What to Expect...

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Ready to have a Whale of a good time?

Once Upon a Time Season 2 kicks off on Sunday with an episode that asks about the (good?) doctor's identity, while also taking us to a couple unexpected locations. What else can you expect from "Broken?"

Having already watched the premiere, I can reveal the following scoops and tidbits. Consider yourself very much spoiler warned and read on at your own risk...

The Queen and Snow
  • The episode opens in a new location, with a new character receiving a mysterious message.
  • We then meet three MORE new characters before we're reunited with any Season 1 favorites.
  • Someone comes right out and asks Dr. Whale who he is.
  • A fresh fairy tale "character" makes "his" presence strongly felt in Storybrooke. Note the quotation marks.
  • Mr. Gold makes a promise to Belle.
  • Emma isn't exactly in the mood to bond with her young parents.
  • Henry issues a threat to Regina.
  • Emma's touch proves to be magical.
  • Emma and Mary Margaret conclude the episode... together. That's all we can say about it at the moment.

Want a lot more? Tune in to Once Upon a Time this Sunday at 8/7c and then visit TV Fanatic immediately after the premiere ends for a detailed recap and review!

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