Perception Season Finale Review: Nothing But The Truth

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With Perception's 10 episodes ending via a great season one finale, it's safe to say that Eric McCormack has found a fantastic character to sink his teeth into.

McCormack has always had a likable personality and charm, but it's been tough for him to completely break away from his character on Will & Grace. Not to say that Will Truman wasn't great, but there's always something about being on a series for so long that sometimes people and viewers can't separate the actor and the character.

Except the star found a way to bring to life Daniel Pierce in a way that wasn't Will Truman or even Eric McCormack playing the doctor. This was Daniel Pierce as Daniel Pierce, a compelling character with quirks, flaws, humor and a personality that made you want to watch him solve crimes.

And "Light," while it did send Pierce into a darker hole even after his realization that he had been hallucinating for three days, managed to illustrate his ability to push back and find the positives in dealing with schizophrenia.

Pierce Needs Help

Boy, did the show sink Pierce to an ultimate low.

First, he discovered his doctor looked exactly like Natalie, confusing him even further. Then he found out she technically was Natalie (but really named Caroline), the girl he saw in college, but in reality he never spoke to. Imagining that they dated and she was there was truly when his first symptoms began.

The heartbreaking line he said to Caroline truly made you want to hug the guy: "I always believed there was this one beautiful summer, before I became a complete whacko, and I had what normal people have: someone to love, something real. And now I look at you, the most familiar stranger I've ever met, and I know I never had it at all."

The emotional resonance between the two characters was sincere and each story Pierce told or "remembered" opened up even further his type of character. Sure, he spent the first half mostly being sad in bed, but can you blame him? His world was turned upside down.

Which is why it was fantastic to see him, in addition to taking his meds, have a resurgence of determination and passion in solving the case.

And I loved that Pierce used Caroline to play the "Natalie part" when he was trying to figure out the puzzling situation. Kelly Rowan, who plays her, has great chemistry with McCormack. Even no longer his hallucination, you could still tell that there was a certain spark between the two.

Now, the political conspiracy might not have been my favorite case, but it linked in perfectly with Pierce's situation. And certainly, having Kate's partner pretend to be Pierce to catch the killer was funny, especially with Pierce more concerned about his bike.

The final conversation about not keeping secrets with Kate was an interesting one. We know that probably won't happen (that would be too easy), but I am curious as to how their relationship will evolve whether it's platonic or romantic. I'm still mixed on how I want these two to end up, but I'm glad nothing was rushed between them this season.

However, I would love to see Caroline and Pierce test those love waters because now she's willing to be his friend. They seemed to hit it off just fine, even if he enjoys doing puzzles without her giving the answers.

And of course, the episode concluded with my favorite aspect of the series: the classroom lecture. It truly bookended the hour's concept but was a great contrast to the pilot. That last shot of Lewicki walking away and Pierce actually being able to talk to someone real was a pleasant and positive change.

My only really minor questions involved what happened to the kid who killed Wesley and who was that FBI guy Kate was talking to at the beginning. I know they don't actually impact the overall story or outcome of the episode, but that kid has to be charged right? And what happened to Kate's boss or was that guy an interim one?

Overall, Perception really stepped it up giving us a phenomenal character in Dr. Pierce and providing a pretty satisfying conclusion. It may not have been perfect, but the series is certainly on an upswing and I look forward to seeing what season two has to offer.

What did you think? Did you enjoy the finale? Excited for more Dr. Pierce? Sound off below!


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Lewicki is the best part of the show. The FBI agents are too young to have that amount of authority. An interesting show but I have no desire to change my schedule to watch.


Isn't it crazy that the craziest guy of this crazy finale was only shown on screen for about 3 minutes? The kid who was told that he should kill a guy to get the FBI's attention and he just went ahead and did it.


I am absolutely in love with this series. The way they handle the mental illnesses portrayed is so honest and real. They've crossed quite a few boundaries in this show and have gone where other shows don't seem to have the guts to go. I cannot wait for season two!


Great season finale, and I was riveted when Daniel discovered that Natalie was real, just not his relationship with was tender and subtle and sad and wonderful...I really felt for Daniel and his disability.
The fact that he can still solve cases and teach when he is on medication for mental illness is a testament to his genius.
Anyway, I can't wait for season 2!


Eric McCormack is fantastic in this series. Great finale....can't wait for next season.


I am liking the show more and more but am still irritated by his perpetual turned up collar and scarf. Is this something all paranoid schitzos do, or is it his caracature. I wish the lighting wasn't so non-existent. I would like a little more light and maybe a shave.


Thinks for the great recap it is spot on with my sentiments. The first half of the ten episodes were pretty routine, but when Pierce refused to take his meds, we headed into darker more satisfying territory. The thing that really works for me is that the series does not sugar coat the illness. It laid out Pierce's vulnerabilities without being on the meds, and showed how he could be stronger with them. The Natalie revelation was heartbreaking, but I truly hope that Pierce and Caroline can strike up friendship that may one day lead to romance. I think the two of them are a match, and I really want him to stay platonic with his FBI cronies.


This show keeps getting better, can't wait for Season 2!


This show has only gotten better as the season progressed. Eric McCormich is
fantastic as Daniel Pierce. Can't wait or next season


I have loved this show from the beginning. Erik McCormack deserves an Emmy for his sincere portrayal of a mentally ill leading man. Even when he acts out, he maintains enough control so as not to appear a caricature. The nicest surprise in this episode was Kate's FBI partner. For most of the season he has seemed like a yuppie frat boy. I even believed he could be involved in the conspiracy last week. This week he showed that he supported Kate and Dr. Pierce, and I hope we see more of their interaction in future episodes.

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